Friday, February 10, 2012

it's all about classical me

Classical me. Classical you. Classical who? Classical Me is a chance for musicians at my high school to perform every semester in front of... their parents. Okay, I'll admit, among the crowd of parents, there are also some siblings, classmates, and the three school music teachers. But that's what I love about it. There isn't anything at stake, like there is at an audition, but it still mimics that horrible, anxious feeling you get every time you perform. Cold, clammy hands that make it impossible to play the violin, shaky knees, butterflies. It really is just wonderful. Apparently that feeling wears off as you perform more. Although, I am pretty sure my sister's cello teacher just said that to convince us to play at the next recital.

This was the second time I performed at Classical Me. I played Bach's Partita No. 3. The only rests are the very first eighth note and the very last one. So technically, there are no breaks for four whole pages of music. Not to mention that those four pages are virtually all sixteenth notes. Perhaps that's why I was so nervous.

My first Classical Me performance was in the second semester last year. I played Praeludium and Allegro, composed by Kreisler, and I was the only freshman! But, this year, many other people in my grade performed. That's probably because sophomores, juniors, and seniors can get honors credit for music class by performing at Classical Me and writing a music-related paper each semester. I wrote mine about the effects of music on the brain. I'm pretty proud of it. There was even a labelled picture of my own brain. :)

Here is a video of my performance. It has nice sound quality, since my parents recently invested in a microphone for videotaping. I played in the second half, fifth to last. While watching all the other performances, I had to continuously warm my hands up, then cool them down again. Like I was saying before, I hate cold, clammy hands. Luckily, when it was my time to perform, my hands were the perfect temperature.

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