Saturday, June 23, 2012

fish out of water

Today, we welcome a new member of the family... Pogo the halfmoon betta fish! Earlier today, when I proposed that we get a fish, I was definitely not expecting that we would buy one today. But, to my delight (and surprise), my parents were willing to buy us one!

We went to Petco, and I went through many phases. First, I basically wanted every dog that was up for adoption. The people working there were walking them around the store, and they were all just so sweet and adorable. I knelt down to pet one outside of the store, and he put his paws up on my knees! Then, I saw the little hamsters sleeping and cuddling up next to each other, but my mom didn't go for it. And don't even get me started on the rabbits. See, this is the problem with pet stores. Too many cute animals that you just want to keep!

After I went through all my phases, we picked a betta fish. The halfmoon betta fish were especially beautiful. They looked very exotic, with bright colors. After we chose one, we picked out a 1-gallon fish bowl, fish food, and 7-day food blocks (for when we go on vacations). But who needs that stuff? Most importantly, we found the cutest decoration for Pogo's new home (which you'll see in the pictures below), seeds that grow into underwater plants, and a floating exercise mirror. I'm particularly excited about the mirror. It claims to exercise the betta and reduce boredom from captivity.

And now for the stressful story of how Pogo got his name... When we got home, I filled the fishbowl with water and added pebbles from our backyard, which I had to painstakingly wash. I was given the task of moving the fish into his new home. With my mom and sister watching over my shoulder, I was nervously pouring the water into the bowl, when Pogo freaked out and jumped out onto the floor! This led to a series of events that is blurry in my mind... I remember a lot of high-pitched screaming that the neighbors could probably hear. We were horrified. And then Ella, being her helpful self, decided to run away from the scene. My mom and I were frantically trying to scoop the fish back into its container, but it kept jumping into the most inconvenient places, like under my bookshelf. Luckily, my mom and I were able to think somewhat clearly, because I added water to the container, and my mom was able to scoop the fish up and plop it into the fishbowl. After that, I was pretty frazzled for a few hours. When Ella saw the fish safely in its bowl, she suggested the name Pogo, which we all liked. She wants full credit for the name.

Ella usually uses her iPad to do photo shoots with our cat, Violet, but it looks like she has a new model now. Here are some Pogo pics, which Ella also wants full credit for.

Pogo's looking for Spongebob...


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