Tuesday, September 29, 2009

P.E. should stand for Pain Escalation

recently, someone came up with the horrible idea of fitness friday. we have a system where our classes are every other day, so we have fitness friday every other friday. i guess we are lucky, since other schools have it every week. i'm already having nightmares about the first time... on fitness fridays, we have to run around the outdoor track for at least 4 laps, which is a mile. some people shot for 6 or 7, which i find strange. sure, they get a few extra points, but i'm just fine with the minimum.

it was like torture. the whole time, there was a gnat in my face, and eventually, it flew straight into my eye. and to add to that, the whole time, i was having cramps which explains all the breaks i had to take. my legs were so itchy! oh, and when i looked down, they were completely red.

before this fitness friday thing started, we had to run the mile twice a year. some lucky classes didn't have to do it at all. but now, we have to run in circles every other week. considering how much pain and suffering i had to go through on one friday, imagine how i'll be at the end of the year, after 17 more.

middle school irony

both last weekend and the weekend before that were "homework free weekends." the reason i put that into quotes is because my school has the most lame excuse for a homework free weekend. ironically, there is more homework than usual. my theory is that the teachers think nobody else is giving homework, so they decide to just dump it all onto us when they get the chance. i don't think our school should even have a homework free weekend. they get our hopes up, then send them crashing down.

but of course, they can't just give us the homework. they need an excuse. it is pretty impressive what they manage to come up with.

the friday excuse: "technically this friday afternoon is not the weekend. do your homework then."
the optional excuse: "this homework is optional, but... if you don't do it, you won't be ready for our next assignment which, by the way, is 50 points."
the high school excuse: "the homework free weekend does not apply to us because this is a high school class. in high school, they aren't having a homework free weekend."
the project excuse: "this is a long term assignment. you don't have to do it on the weekend."

oh well. perhaps it would be best to rename these weekends, "not so homework free weekends."

i walked into a door

last sunday, i walked into a door. it wasn't actually as stupid as it sounds. my mom and my sister, ella, came to pick me up from dance rehearsal, and when we were walking out... BANG. luckily, nobody but my mom and ella saw me, but i still had a big red bump on my forehead.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

if it's required, is it really volunteering?

SSL. or as my mom says: forced volunteering. we need 75 hours of student service learning to graduate from high school, and trust me, it isn't hard to find something to do... there are a ton of options.

my mom thinks my school is just looking for free labor by asking us to take phone calls for them during the summer. thankfully, i have found much better things to do with my time. i worked on the virginia obama campaign (first photo), ran a food stand at a school event, collected trash on the bay, made origami to donate to a children's hospital (second photo), and even poured lemonade into cups.

the worst part is filling out the "reflection" sheet. we have to write what we learned about ourselves and how we helped the community. it's hard to think of things to write. hmm... collecting trash: i learned that i will never do something like that for fun. pouring lemonade: i helped the community by making sure that they didn't die of thirst.

recently, my mom forwarded me an email, with the subject being: [Fwd: [pylenet] Looking for Teens Interested in Reading]. i was already thinking, oh my god, what was she thinking. i reluctantly opened the email, and saw that nearby libraries are giving SSL to teens for reading new books (that haven't even been released yet) and writing reviews for them. it doesn't sound bad, so i'll be doing that.
i'm currently doing two other projects. my friend lisa and i are doing a collaborative project, making the cutest origami stars. they are really simple to make. we have already made more than 1,000 of them! our plan is to put them onto necklaces and bracelets, sell them at our school, and donate the money. then, i had the idea to make earrings with wire and beads, and sell them at the same time. ella helped with some of the designs, and left the wire work for me. 

here are only some of the earrings i made after 16 hours of wire work:

these are the big earrings that i made. they have big glass beads, some of them with other little beads. in person, you can see the silver inside the glass. i could only make some, since those glass beads cost a lot! i'm selling each pair for $7 each, and the smaller earrings for $5.

here is one of the small pairs. when we went to the store, i fell in love with the colorful, floral glass beads in the picture. so, i got the square, cube, and cylinder ones. i guess i went a bit overboard, but i couldn't help myself!
this is a design with three beads. the hoop around the circle is a separate bead. i made hoops with many different things inside: squares, tiny clear beads, turquoise beads, etc. you might be thinking that i am crazy for spending my free time making different versions of hoop earrings, but it is much more fascinating that you would ever imagine.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

pump up the balloons

i need to keep you updated on the latest ella obsessions, since she starts all the new trends...

we just recently went to my mom's friend's party. he gave us a pack of long balloons and ella loves it! i made some animals for her... (from left to right) there's a: butterfly, bichon frise, mouse, giraffe, and dog. those all came with instructions, except for the mouse and the giraffes, which i came up with myself.

after ella first made the dog, i thought to make a giraffe. when i told her, she said, "OH MY GOD!! CAN YOU PLEASE SHOW ME HOW TO MAKE ONE??" my answer: "you just make the dog... with a longer neck..." she looked sort of disappointed. "oh..."

i spent a ridiculously long amount of time making that balloon hat for ella. first off, it is much more difficult than it looks. and second, in the process of making it, the balloon popped two times. after that traumatic experience, ella asked for a sword; she'd always wanted one, so i thought, why not. so there she is: the balloon pirate! she says, "they're just gonna think i robbed some clowns."

don't you just love ella?


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