Wednesday, August 19, 2009

surfin usa (pix)

here are the pictures of me surfing that i promised in my last blog, "surf and turf." make sure to click on the pics to look at them close up. the faces i make in the last few are... well... you'll see. by the way, thanks uncle michael for taking these pictures!


steps to surfing:

1. be very concentrated as you get up onto the board

2. make a scared face as you attempt not to wipe out

3. stand...

4. celebrate!

surfing bloopers:

1. bea falls on her butt

2. bea is about to fall off the board (my face on this is golden...)

hope you like the pictures!


Allison said...

Good job...

Jack said...

thats a pretty cool pose in the last pic. u should make it a dance move.
looks like ur a natural.

Sabrina said...

When I tried surfing I didn't look nearly as cool as you. Good job!

Della said...

hey bea!! :)
awesome surfing lol id prob kill myself i tried...
aaah c u @ skool in six days (i think)!!!


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