Saturday, September 22, 2007

tom pyle = beating the crap outta me

hi everyone,

sorry that i haven't blogged for such a long time. but, in the last week or two, i have basically gotten a lot of homework and projects, and missed the bus a lot. i actually once, fell asleep in reading class... but is it really my fault? the lights were off because of the overhead, i was tired, and my reading teacher is kinda boring. besides, it was only about 10/90 minutes that i was asleep for. the homework assignments have been pretty basic, such as, write a concrete poem based on foundations, or do problems 1-20 on page 647 in your text book. but all these projects are wearing me out. i have finished my data display project (looking at teens and sleep. i am a perfect example), a personal timeline project, but still have to work on my author biography. i have missed my bus home about 50% of the school days so far because my bus is always first. except, i always manage to catch another bus that stops about half a block away from my house.
the music in my band class has been very simple. but since my mom and my friend's mom commented about it to my teacher, my friend simone and i played for her yesterday. she played sarabande in d minor which was pretty complicated, and i played ashokan farewell. so, we now have some new music to practice, that the 7th and 8th grade orchestra are playing so we can play it in the concert along with them.
i actually got my gym uniform on friday. they had to order ones for the "small people" because they didn't have anymore. so mine came late. i was really excited... until i put it on. baggy shorts and a giant t-shirt. which is SO not my style =/.
this morning, i woke up really dizzy, so when i got up from bed... i fell straight down onto my nose :(. but, my mom thinks it is because i need more iron and stuff. but, i feel unstable when i walk which is getting annoying. my mom thinks that's because i need more calcium.


Monday, September 3, 2007

two degrees of separation

hey everyone,

today i had a violin lesson. it was surprising because my violin teacher knows my band teacher, who plays the oboe. at the beginning my mom was complaining that my band teacher wanted us to buy a flute book to learn violin. so alice, my violin teacher, mentioned someone asking her for help on how to teach string instruments. it ended up that that was my band teacher.
after that, we went to palisade pool for the "grill, chill and thrills" party. it was so fun because at one point, they had people get in the pool and hold hands. i didn't exactly know what they were doing, and they started circling around really fast and different people started jumping in. it looked so fun so i decided to jump in myself. it was so freaky, there were so many people in that teeny pool, i almost got run over about 10 times. the whirlpool went around so fast that even if you lifted your feet up you'd still go with it. it was so scary but so awesome, it made me really dizzy.


Sunday, September 2, 2007

shopping for the shoulders

hi all,

yesterday, we went to montgomery mall. we went to abercrombie and i got a few shirts. the main goal of the trip was to find something that fell within the pyle dress code. i went into hollister for the first time, the clothes were awesome but it was really loud and dark. i got a gray sweater that came with a cool belt, a white shirt that i can wear over my tank tops, a long dark blue short sleeve layering shirt, and a light blue long sleeve shirt. once we bought the clothes, i was so happy. the music was so loud, so i figured i had to scream for people to hear me. so i screamed "thank you so much mommy!!!" right after the song ended, when there was that gap of silence. how embarassing is that?

today, we saw the simpsons movie. it was so funny when lisa met this boy and she was describing him to her mom then said "i still haven't told you the best part... he's not imaginary!"
today was almost as great as the last day of 5th grade was. :)


Saturday, September 1, 2007

pizzicato pain

hi everyone,

this summer i went to this really cool camp, summer youth music camp at the university of maryland. this camp is for 6th-9th graders. we would play music about two and half hours each day, which made me half asleep at the end of the day rehearsal. some of our instructors had PhDs in music and were university professors. they really focused on our technique which was intense. for that week, i thought that my stomach was full of rosin because i was breathing it in so much. everyone had 7 sessions a day, everyone had a rehearsal in the morning and afternoon. the orchestra rehearsed together, and the band rehearsed together. my second session was musical theater. we didn't read any music or set up a performance, it was mostly identifying musicals from the songs. my third session was technology, we used garage band (which are on macs) to create songs and then we burned them on to CDs. for fourth session we had lunch outside, on the grass hills, then we watched a concert. one day, almost recess came. they sang a song and let the audience pick a style for them to sing the same song in, which was awesome. there was actually someone who asked them to do heavy metal, they also did country, rap, jazz, etc. lol. we all had numbers on our name tags, according to our last names. the camp director would do a raffle for things everyday. fifth session for me, was sectionals which was where all the violins came together and practiced the violin part, in my case the 2nd violin part. for sixth session i had camp chorus, we learned 2 songs, neither of them english, but we did have music to read which was helpful, and we sang harmonies which was confusing at times. for the concert, we played 3 songs, which can be downloaded from the site below. we all had to wear tan pants, and a black camp t-shirt which was ginormous. they even wanted us to tuck it in! and since it was so long, it was really, REALLY bunchy. after the concert my mom, ella, and i went to cold stone creamery which was in college park, pretty close to the camp. i actually saw about 12 kids from my camp there, lol.



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