Tuesday, February 12, 2013

playing to the audience

Tonight, I performed at my school's Classical Me, a biannual concert for musicians at my high school! My private teacher doesn't organize recitals, so it's really nice to have a regular performance that isn't as stressful as auditions and helps me practice performing. The acoustics in the church are amazing, so it's a great place to perform and listen to other musicians! To read more about Classical Me and watch one of my performances from last year, click here.

I played Meditation from the opera Thais, by Jules Massenet. I love this piece; it's so beautiful and expressive. Here is a video of the performance:

I was fortunate to have my friend Hanalei accompany me! She's an amazing pianist! She organizes a music group at my school called Songs For Seniors that performs at senior homes around the county. We have concerts every month, and it's so much fun! It's really rewarding to see the residents enjoying the music and tapping along.

Our first performance of the school year was at The Village at Rockville in November. The person at the front desk asked us if we were all from the same family... They must not see many Asians. Or maybe all Asians look alike when holding string instruments.

The January performance was at the Brooke Grove Retirement Village. There was a good crowd of residents and their families. Later, I found out that one resident's family member once taught music. It was nice to be appreciated by someone who knew about music, and it might have made up for the fact that one resident asked me what instrument I play right after the performance.

This month, we performed at Sunrise at Fox Hills in February. The ambiance was a combination of a 4-star hotel and a minimum security prison. It was impossible to get to the concert room without a security escort! All the electronic locks were designed to keep residents from wandering out, but also to keep late musicians from getting to the concert.


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