Thursday, June 18, 2009

dancing like it's 2009

hey trizzle readers!

wow. my last blog was on november 16, 2008. its been a while! i guess i am just feeling particularly inspired to blog today. the last day of school was on june 16th! "what time is it? summer time!" that's what we always say at my cousins' house. usually, what happens is, someone asks what time it is, and someone randomly says, "summer time!" but i guess now, it is actually true.

january-february: all-county orchestra (i am going to write a separate blog about the whole process of it). mr herman and the pack of elephants in our orchestra. i think he needs some more encouraging analogies.
april: trip to niagara falls during spring break. my sister loved the jacuzzi in the hotel room.
may: east coast dance competition (ECDC). my sister managed to stay awake the whole time this time.
june: trip to new york with my family to do a dance performance (world of dance, but really they just mean the hip hop world of dance), last day of school (yippee!), end of the year party after school on the last day


niagara falls: over spring break, pull out the passports... my family took a road trip to canada! the hotel we chose was a really cool one, since it had a view of the falls. were were already really excited to stay there, but we were even more excited... when they told us our hotel room was getting updated for free!! it was suite! jacuzzi (with jets), the view, tv, it can't get any better than that. at night, the falls would change colors, it was like a giant nightlight! maple sugar candy is good, eh?

ECDC: in may, culture shock dc hosted the east coast dance competition 2009 at the warner theater. people come from all over to dance or compete at ecdc. this was mini shock dc's second year dancing at ecdc. this year we dressed up as dolls which came to life and of course, danced. i was cast as olive oyl. before that i'd never heard of olive oyl. talk about generation gap. olive oyl is from the cartoon popeye! the sailor man! we spent forever trying to find the right red sweater. right shape, right shade, right size. my mom sewed a white fringe onto the collar so that i looked exactly like olive oyl. she wants me to use the costume for halloween this year. not going to happen. no one would get it. other dolls included dora the explorer, diego, GI joe, GI jane, raggedy ann, cabbage patch dolls, my scene dolls, barbies and popeye.

new york: on june 13 and 14 we went to the big apple. mom calls it going back to my beginning. it was a music filled weekend. we stayed at the buckingham hotel in midtown, where, according to my dad, is where the queen of england stays when she's in town. ha ha. we walked to the world of dance at the roseland ballroom... and i performed with my dance group, mini shock DC! we learned all new dances for this performance... live! from new york! here is the youtube video of our number: . we opened for the beat freaks, boogie bots, ring masters, and iconic! they are all from mtv's americas best dance crew. yay! to add to our musical trip, we saw the musical "in the heights" (from a great height... since our seats were pretty high up).

last day of school: before the last day of school, middle school life is very traumatizing. exams. i was really freaked out by my first day of exams, where i had my two (most stressful) high school exams: my algebra exam, and my spanish exam. it turns out that they were both super easy, and that i was worrying for nothing. good thing i didn't study too much. :)
at my school, the last day of school has no purpose at all. i always wonder why there is an extra day at the end of each school year where we do nothing. very boring. after the dismissal bell rang, it was so loud!! everywhere, people were screaming things like "freedom" or just randomly screaming. i think my hearing was slightly damaged. and emptying out the entire contents of my locker? into my backpack?? not easy to do.
after school, i went to an end of the school party that two of my friends were having. they live across from each other, so it was pretty convenient. i went on the bus home with them, which was more like a circus than a bus. it was amazing how lenient the bus driver was about the "rules"... people were climbing over seats, doing flips, putting their legs out of the windows, running down the aisles... but i just stayed sitting in my seat, looking around me awkwardly. honestly, i've never been one to break the rules. at the party, we had water fights with water balloons and water guns. we ran around having a blast....... for about 2 minutes. that was when we realized we ran out of balloons. there were 10 water balloons. after that, we put a watermelon on the ground, and smashed it open with a baseball bat!! i had always wanted to do that; it is even more fun than it looks on TV. then we ate the pieces of watermelon. i decided to be bold and take one of the most ginormous pieces. i had to bury my face into it in order to get every single piece. by the time i was finished, my face was covered in watermelon, and i was walking around very very slowly.


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