Sunday, November 1, 2009

candy junkie

yesterday was... halloween! my 2nd favorite day of the year. my friend emily was having a bat mitzvah, but ella wanted to go trick-or-treating with me. so i figured, why not do both? i went trick or treating until 7:30 pm, and went to the party 30 minutes late.

into the rabbit hole
at first, i was just going to wear one of my old costumes, and ella was going to be a candy corn witch. then, my friend emma asked if i wanted to go trick-or-treating with her. i really wanted to, but ella wouldn't go with the theme. so i made my costume at emma's house and then made a matching one for ella at home!

hint: we aren't a deck of cards
i ended up going trick-or-treating with my friends emma, anais and andrea, their friend mary, emma's sister laura, and my sister ella. it was so much fun!

from left to right: andrea (card), mary (queen of hearts), ella (card), me (card), emma (tweedle dee), laura (cheshire cat), anais (tweedle dum).

can you tell what our theme was? when we were out collecting our candy, people asked, "hey, are you a deck of cards?" hmm... maybe they didn't see all of us.

i can be a zombie card next halloween
in the afternoon, before trick-or-treating, i was raking leaves with my mom and the temperature was perfect. i was thinking how great the weather was for trick or treating. but then, it rained. my costume was made with cardboard, tissue paper and glue, and ella's costume was made with cardboard, paint and markers. not exactly waterproof costumes!

i'll take the unwanted candy
once back at emma's house, we dumped all our candy onto the floor. first, we sorted them into piles to make candy trading easier. well, ella just left hers in a big pile. we also developed a "trash pile": you just throw any unwanted candy want into the middle, and it becomes a free-for-all. once andrea said, "who wants to trade me something for this?" after the silence that followed, she said, "ok, i'll just put it into the trash pile." then, everyone lunged towards it. i guess it wasn't good enough to trade, but it was good enough to take from the trash pile. i found myself taking a lot of stuff from the trash pile... i really should have been more selective.

lol moments:
when we were waiting in line for candy at one house, the man was saying "choices... choices..." i get to the bowl, and it is: snickers and crunch. wow. lots of choices you got there.

when my mom was driving me from emma's house, she saw someone's costume and said "hey, it's a hobo! wait... it's a witch..." apparently it was a very ripped up witch costume.


after trick-or-treating, my mom drove me home so i could change into a different costume for the bat mitzvah. i imagine i would look very awkward as a dancing card. i changed into last year's outfit: a harajuku girl!

technical difficulties
the party was at a hotel. i had some trouble figuring out where the party was. i asked the front desk where it was, and they told me to take the elevator down to the ballroom. in the elevator, there was no button to go down! i just hope no one saw me standing in the glass elevator staring at the buttons. i walked out to ask for more help, and, of course, in the other elevator there were completely different buttons. one huge one that said "BALLROOM."

bat mitzvah swag
there was a candy bar, but since i got there late, all that was left were m&ms, gummy bears, hershey kisses, and tootsie rolls! i missed out on the junior mints, kit kats, and skittles. i comforted myself by remembering my my giant bag of trick-or-treating candy.

there was also a green screen, where you could pick a background and then pose for a picture. there were so many themes choose from! skittles, tootsie rolls, shrek, star wars... haley and i ended up going with star wars, so we striked a battle pose. haley was holding her light saber (well, actually an inflatable guitar), and i was kneeling on the ground all freaked out.

free giveaway
we got a cozy black sweatshirt as the bat mitzvah favor. it is ginormous on me! it has a cute orange ghost and says "emily's bat mitzvah!"

happy halloween!


Amanda said...

Oh I was going to be the Queen of Hearts for Halloween, but decided against it the day of Halloween :)

Emma said...

I remember the "Choices, choices" man.
Great times!
Nice blog.

Beatriz Atsavapranee said...

amanda: oh yeah, since you love alice and wonderland! thats cool. but, you ended up just going to the haunted forest for halloween, right?

emma: haha thanks emma! i loved that "choices, choices" guy. remember how much we were cracking up about that? when i first saw this comment in my "recent comments" i thought you were commenting on the all beautiful hobo snowman.

Earl said...

Trick-or-treating with your friends on a certain theme sure is fun, just like what me and my friends did last halloween, with our styled lace wigs, we went out as WWE wrestlers with our fake steel chairs and did our skits while trick-or-treating, and it was totally a fun experience, with various wigs such as the motown tress wigs, and your imagination, everything is possible.


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