Sunday, November 16, 2008

yes we candy!

hi loyal readers of the infrequent trizzle,

thanks for checking this site often enough to see this post (my last one was on august 8th). you may ask, what has happened since then? broken hand? buried under schoolwork? blogger's block.

august: trips to scotland, thailand (touring northern thailand), going to the pool.
september: the month of nothingness... except for school.
october: debate awesomeness (4-0, 2nd place team with jessica and tori, 10th place speaker). grandparents visiting. obama campaign in northern virginia. ami visiting and dressing up as obama on halloween. traveling to atlanta with minishock. having my parents send me off by myself with a cash bribe to do so.
november: david's bar mitzvah and the kennedy center in the same day! california and historic election! craft night.
december: of course... christmas!

barack-o: ami is my mom's friend from college. he lives in thailand, but he's not thai. he was here for two weeks to work on the obama campaign in virginia and i did too because maryland always votes democratic. on election day, they called obama the winner in maryland with exactly... 0% of precincts reporting. i made phone calls to people who'd already been called a few times so they were pretty angry. from this, i've learned that if you don't want to be called anymore, just say that you are voting for mccain... and they will stop. the last time virginia voted democratic was when lyndon johnson won the state in 1964. if the math is too hard, it has been 44 years. 44 YEARS.

i always want my parents to dress up for halloween, but they never do. my mom always says she's not that cool. but this year, we were thrilled to have ami come with us. he combined trick-or-treating with canvassing by dressing up as obama! it was kind of a last minute thing, so we saved money and printed out a picture of a mask. he wore a suit, obama pins and all that jazz. the tough part was finding out who was for obama and who wasn't. one person said, "that IS scary!" other than that, most people seemed like they liked it. at each house ami would say, "yes we candy!" or sometimes, "we are the trick-or-treaters you have been waiting for." the cherry on top was the deep obama voice and dramatic hand motions.

david's bar mitzvah: since i had a performance at the kennedy center on the same day, i missed the whole ceremony. it was disappointing because the ceremony was shortened, but i missed it!! i guess i will go to unshortened bar mitzvahs from now on. i only got there during the after party. i missed all the big hats but i got there early enough for the sumo wrestling. there were gigantic sumo wrestler suits and wigs. it looked hard to walk (or move) in them. i didn't have the nerve to play, but it was interesting to watch.


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