Tuesday, August 5, 2008

london calling

now i can say i have been to london! the flight was not long at all compared to what i usually sit through. it is awesome traveling with dad. he is a "star alliance gold" member which means that we can go into all the cool lounges where you get free food. shh... i always grab a bunch of the free candy when no one (that i know of) is looking . you also get a lot of priority baggage service instead of waiting in the long lines. i just love the feeling of passing by the long lines; doesn't everyone? as we were walking out of the airport, ella, my sister, was holding her passport then dad said, "ella, give me your passport." what you never thought a 7 year old would say, she said. “can’t a girl look at her own passport?” i think she says the cutest things.

in the airport we were watched like a hawk by CCTV cameras. not that that only happens in the airport... there are cameras everywhere you look! i hope i looked okay for the cameras. i actually saw a few signs that said, "thieves beware! we have CCTV cameras." what an effective way to keep away thieves...

my family and i went to the tower of london where we saw the crown jewels. first, we went to what we thought was the display. all that was there were a bunch of replicas of jewels. you should have seen my face… like a little kid who just got their candy yanked from their hands. then we saw the real display. i liked the second display much better. there was a 530 carat diamond. that really impressed me. my jaw completely dropped. of course, we went to the souvenir shop, what my mom calls a “tourist trap.” i looked around for a surprising amount of time. there was so much jewelry; i was kinda overwhelmed. i didn’t spend any of my budget there. mom said i “made it out of the trap”

prices, prices. everything is twice as much as it would be in america. i saw a really pretty burberry dress. it wasn't the burberry pattern because if it was they would have to reduce the price until it costed $10. it had ruffles which i love… but then i checked the price tag. $1,200? um, yeah right.

we went to harrods, the famous department store, to shop. there were so many displays. they were all very unique... i saw teddy bears squished into a couch. i've never seen that before, have you?

there were boutiques and all but obviously way (WAY) too expensive.

i enjoyed putting hats on and making funny faces though. look at me (on the left) and my sister with those leopard hats on.

the food department was impressive with chocolate and pig sculptures. there was chocolate molded into cool shapes. like, golf balls and even telephone booths. harrods is pretty creative, with all the displays and stuff.

one thing i love about london are the phone booths and mailboxes. they are just so retro. we should definitely have those in america. the phone booths are everywhere. in the city, in front of castles, in pictures. EVERYWHERE. if you are walking around, about every 10 seconds you will see a phone booth. literally! and there are so many pictures of phone
booths on sale, with everything, but the booths, black & white. i thought that was a cute idea for a picture... until i saw about 20 of them.

you don't see the mailboxes too much tho. by the way... the pose below, i got from a movie =). actually a few. thats a common joke but i thought it would be funny anyway. hehe


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