Sunday, February 5, 2012

music to my ears

Yesterday, I performed at the concert for the Senior Montgomery County Honors Orchestra! The senior orchestra is for grades 10-12, and the junior one is for grades 7-9. I'm in 10th grade now, so I just moved up!

For all-county, there's usually about a month of rehearsals before the concert. I love playing with the orchestra! Since the skill level is higher than that of my school orchestra, we can spend more time focusing on the musical aspects of the music, instead of the technical aspects, such as intonation and timing. It definitely makes rehearsal more interesting! Each year, the whole experience is so much fun and definitely makes me a better orchestra player.

This year, I had the honor to be the concertmaster! It was one of the best experiences to lead such a great orchestra. :)

Here is a video that my parents took of our performance:

This is the program with the approximate time that it begins in the video above:

1. Orange Jam by Jeffrey Bishop (1:10)
2. Air on the G String by J.S. Bach (3:42)
3. Symphony No. 104 "London" 1st mvmt, Adagio-Allegro by F.J. Hadyn (7:56)
4. Romanian Folk Dances by Béla Bartók (15:40)

Conducted by Mrs. Kathy Cammarata

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