Sunday, November 16, 2008

yes we candy!

hi loyal readers of the infrequent trizzle,

thanks for checking this site often enough to see this post (my last one was on august 8th). you may ask, what has happened since then? broken hand? buried under schoolwork? blogger's block.

august: trips to scotland, thailand (touring northern thailand), going to the pool.
september: the month of nothingness... except for school.
october: debate awesomeness (4-0, 2nd place team with jessica and tori, 10th place speaker). grandparents visiting. obama campaign in northern virginia. ami visiting and dressing up as obama on halloween. traveling to atlanta with minishock. having my parents send me off by myself with a cash bribe to do so.
november: david's bar mitzvah and the kennedy center in the same day! california and historic election! craft night.
december: of course... christmas!

barack-o: ami is my mom's friend from college. he lives in thailand, but he's not thai. he was here for two weeks to work on the obama campaign in virginia and i did too because maryland always votes democratic. on election day, they called obama the winner in maryland with exactly... 0% of precincts reporting. i made phone calls to people who'd already been called a few times so they were pretty angry. from this, i've learned that if you don't want to be called anymore, just say that you are voting for mccain... and they will stop. the last time virginia voted democratic was when lyndon johnson won the state in 1964. if the math is too hard, it has been 44 years. 44 YEARS.

i always want my parents to dress up for halloween, but they never do. my mom always says she's not that cool. but this year, we were thrilled to have ami come with us. he combined trick-or-treating with canvassing by dressing up as obama! it was kind of a last minute thing, so we saved money and printed out a picture of a mask. he wore a suit, obama pins and all that jazz. the tough part was finding out who was for obama and who wasn't. one person said, "that IS scary!" other than that, most people seemed like they liked it. at each house ami would say, "yes we candy!" or sometimes, "we are the trick-or-treaters you have been waiting for." the cherry on top was the deep obama voice and dramatic hand motions.

david's bar mitzvah: since i had a performance at the kennedy center on the same day, i missed the whole ceremony. it was disappointing because the ceremony was shortened, but i missed it!! i guess i will go to unshortened bar mitzvahs from now on. i only got there during the after party. i missed all the big hats but i got there early enough for the sumo wrestling. there were gigantic sumo wrestler suits and wigs. it looked hard to walk (or move) in them. i didn't have the nerve to play, but it was interesting to watch.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

london calling

now i can say i have been to london! the flight was not long at all compared to what i usually sit through. it is awesome traveling with dad. he is a "star alliance gold" member which means that we can go into all the cool lounges where you get free food. shh... i always grab a bunch of the free candy when no one (that i know of) is looking . you also get a lot of priority baggage service instead of waiting in the long lines. i just love the feeling of passing by the long lines; doesn't everyone? as we were walking out of the airport, ella, my sister, was holding her passport then dad said, "ella, give me your passport." what you never thought a 7 year old would say, she said. “can’t a girl look at her own passport?” i think she says the cutest things.

in the airport we were watched like a hawk by CCTV cameras. not that that only happens in the airport... there are cameras everywhere you look! i hope i looked okay for the cameras. i actually saw a few signs that said, "thieves beware! we have CCTV cameras." what an effective way to keep away thieves...

my family and i went to the tower of london where we saw the crown jewels. first, we went to what we thought was the display. all that was there were a bunch of replicas of jewels. you should have seen my face… like a little kid who just got their candy yanked from their hands. then we saw the real display. i liked the second display much better. there was a 530 carat diamond. that really impressed me. my jaw completely dropped. of course, we went to the souvenir shop, what my mom calls a “tourist trap.” i looked around for a surprising amount of time. there was so much jewelry; i was kinda overwhelmed. i didn’t spend any of my budget there. mom said i “made it out of the trap”

prices, prices. everything is twice as much as it would be in america. i saw a really pretty burberry dress. it wasn't the burberry pattern because if it was they would have to reduce the price until it costed $10. it had ruffles which i love… but then i checked the price tag. $1,200? um, yeah right.

we went to harrods, the famous department store, to shop. there were so many displays. they were all very unique... i saw teddy bears squished into a couch. i've never seen that before, have you?

there were boutiques and all but obviously way (WAY) too expensive.

i enjoyed putting hats on and making funny faces though. look at me (on the left) and my sister with those leopard hats on.

the food department was impressive with chocolate and pig sculptures. there was chocolate molded into cool shapes. like, golf balls and even telephone booths. harrods is pretty creative, with all the displays and stuff.

one thing i love about london are the phone booths and mailboxes. they are just so retro. we should definitely have those in america. the phone booths are everywhere. in the city, in front of castles, in pictures. EVERYWHERE. if you are walking around, about every 10 seconds you will see a phone booth. literally! and there are so many pictures of phone
booths on sale, with everything, but the booths, black & white. i thought that was a cute idea for a picture... until i saw about 20 of them.

you don't see the mailboxes too much tho. by the way... the pose below, i got from a movie =). actually a few. thats a common joke but i thought it would be funny anyway. hehe

Saturday, May 3, 2008

almost famous


p.e. highlight of 2008: we were playing flag football in p.e. for the first time they told me i was runningback. i was sort of freaked out because i barely even knew what runningback was. i knew i should've spent more time watching football with my grandpa. i was running to the other side of the field with no one blocking me cuz no one expected me to do anything. nathan threw the ball to me and luckily i caught it. i was running and everyone kept pulling at my flags. i kept looking back cuz i thought someone had pulled it already, but no they were still there. i kept running and i passed the little white line! i was kind of confused. did i just do that? yes! i did! i made a touchdown!

who's got spirit? i've got spirit, how bout u? not that many people had spirit at our school spirit week. on monday, it was crazy hair day. but of course a lot of people didn't do it cuz they forgot. i didn't forget. after i took my shower i braided all my hair and then slept on it. i woke up early to take out the braids and it was so frizzy. i put it in a sloppy ponytail on the side of my head. when i got to school my friend natalie thought i was having a bad hair day. while sticking my hair up in front of my locker mirror, i told her that i would never leave the house looking like that.

fortunately i didn't have to participate in tuesday's spirit day, mismatch day. that would have been a true test of school spirit. instead of being at school, i was at a pbs kids video shoot. i felt a little bad because i haven't watched pbs kids too much since we got cable. but i used to love watching arthur and dragon tales. my mom liked zoom. an email said that they were going to use some moves from captain huggy. since i haven't been updated on the latest pbs kids shows i didn't really know who captain huggy was. i used the awesome power of you tube to uncover his identity. apparently he's a monkey who acts out a word (like for example, sad or happy) then dances his monkey dance.

to be in this video, i had to audition the week before. in the audition, we didn't exactly do the hardest things. first they asked us to run from each side of the room to see how we followed directions. of course, i was a pro at that. after that they asked us to act like a monkey then a robot. then they asked us to freestyle dance to elevator sounding music. then they gave us 8 counts of a simple dance. the whole audition lasted around 5 minutes.

at the end of the week, i found out that i got picked to be in the video. only 11 out of 110 kids were chosen. i knew about half of the kids that got picked for the video since they were in my dance group, minishock. it was really fun to be there with people i knew. before the shoot, we were given choreography. but the real challenge to the routine was to try to dance looking enthusiastic. this was basically the only challenge because the dance didn't ever require you to move your arms while you were moving your feet. we were supposed to bring our own clothes for them to pick out an outfit for us to wear. we weren't supposed to wear anything with logos or anything green, white or orange. this was hard because almost all the clothes in my closet are green or have the abercrombie logo, a moose, on it. the studio background was green so that they could manipulate the background separately. maybe you'll see us dancing in front of the eiffel tower or maybe the zoo while we're dancing the monkey dance. it was really cool to see all the different cameras and how they videotaped other videos and commercials.

beatriz atsavapranee

Friday, February 22, 2008

got hope, but wish i could vote

hi everyone!

sorry that i'm not keeping very up to date on my blogging... but for my birthday, on january 23, my family and i went to manhattan, new york, where i was born. we walked a lot and it was freezing cold which was a bad combination. my legs basically went numb if i walked for more than 7 blocks. the bagels at Ess-a Bagels were really yummy. we trekked 14 blocks each way from the hotel to get them. it was worth it though. weirdly, i felt VERY lucky to ride the subway, where my legs could thaw. but... in some of the subway stations, the escalators were broken, so we had to climb about 10 flight of stairs (over 100 steps, maybe 200). also in the subway station, that was much more dreadful, was a man who was playing violin to get some money. but it was the equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard. after we passed, my mom whispered, "you're WAY better than he is." and i was like, "um, YA!"
my dad and i saw the musical, "legally blonde." i thought the acting and dancing were really good but the songs weren't very original. most of the songs had "ooooh my god" in their lyrics. during this time, my mom and sister were at m and m world admiring m and m's dressed like the statue of liberty and saturday night fever's tony manero. there was even a scanner that told u what color m and m u are. when i was at the musical my mom and sister also went to the american girl doll store for the 2nd time that weekend.

we went to a store with gigantic stuffed animals and lots of candy called FAO Schwarz. there were really big pink stuffed dogs lined across the wall, twenty foot tall dragons and life-sized mythical creatures from the harry potter novels that were really freaky... to me at least (i'm easily scared.) there were also some people who were dancing on a keyboard mat. it was actually really impressive that they could jump on notes together, so from that you could tell that they had to be working for the store and weren't just kids playing for fun.
for my birthday i got a 2nd DDR dance mat from my cousins. and i got a digital recorder from my parents. it's a really good gift for me because i can record how my violin and quartet sound.

i've been playing a lot of violin lately especially because i've been playing with a quartet for the solo and ensemble festival next month. the music on its own isn't difficult, but when we play as quartet it's hard to stay together because we play at different speeds on our own pieces. i cue the quartet, as to when to start playing, with the scroll of my violin. but not just that, but i get the "honor" of sniffing (loudly) a beat before we start because our cellist can't see me since my stand is in the way. my quartet is going to play minuetto by bach for the festival. so sometimes my mom and i say "you bach!" as a pun on "you rock!" i haven't decided yet what solo piece to play though. i'll probably do either a bach minuet in G or a baccarini piece.

i was really excited because i got to see obama speak at the comcast center, at the university of maryland on february 11, the day before the maryland primaries. my mom, my sister and i were walking down the line of people, and i was amazed at how long it went. every time we turned a corner, there were more people standing there. the line had to be about 2 miles, literally. it snaked from the comcast, over the hill, past the parking garage, across the footbridge and past the rec center. the line probably went further than that, but luckily we saw someone we knew waiting in line. she told us that the police officer told her she was at the halfway point. we stood with her for about 10 minutes, then we were able to return the favor by bringing her into the arena early when the officers let us bypass the line and go in a side door because our party had kids in it. we got pretty good seats where we could actually see his face. we waited in the arena for about 3 hours before obama actually came to speak. while we were waiting, about 2 hours before his speech, "cheerleaders" kept chanting and trying to get people to cheer. all fired up! ready to go! (it gets very annoying after a while). i think that obama's a good speaker and the speech was really inspiring. it was a great experience seeing him live and hearing him speak. i really like when he said "things now aren't how they have to be. it's time to turn the page." i hope he wins the most delegates so he can run in the presidential election. i like his message in how he wants to change things. if i was 18, i'd vote for barack obama.


ps. my best post this year!!


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