Wednesday, October 3, 2007

flies and grounds

hi everyone,

i have PE every other day, right now we are playing softball. we are going to be playing it longer than the other sports. things i like about softball: while you're waiting to bat, you can stand behind the fence where no gnats can fly around your face and annoy you. i like how you can be an outfielder and talk to the other outfielders (until someone tells you to spread out). things i hate about softball: the gross sweaty softball gloves. i hate when you accidentally pick up a lefty glove and there aren't any others left. one time some girls were talking in the locker room and this is what happened... we had to run a lap around the field and then two more laps during PE class. i was so pooped out. we have to do 10 push ups on the concrete (where there are ants and sharp rocks) or on the grass (where it is very wet and dirt-ish). for sit-ups, we can either do them on the concrete (where it really hurts your back) or on the grass (where you're back and hair get all gross).
i have a lot of homework due tomorrow, which is mostly math homework. i have problems from my textbook and a lot of plotting scatter plots. i wish we could use excel, that would make life so much easier.



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