Friday, December 21, 2007

remember december

hi everyone,
at the very beginning of december i went to sportrock with my girl scout troop and we stayed over night. we learned how to belay, put our harness on, and do safety knots. we learned all this by midnight, and then only after that were we allowed to climb. they only turned the lights out at 2:30 am so i stayed up really late. at one point i was belaying a 14 yr old girl and i didn't have an anchor to hold me down to the floor. so when she was coming down the wall, i flew off the ground and my belaying backup was holding my ankle, trying to pull me down. it was so freaky. i thought it would work because one of the people who worked at sportrock did an example like that, but apparently he's much heavier than i am.

about a week into december, i had my first debate. our team was jessica, david and me. for the debate, we met a lot to practice speaking and to get data organized. we went to the debate and we debated four topics, four different teams. for one topic, there should be childcare facilities for all high school students on site. since we were the proposition side, we made our definition, childcare for high school mothers' children. the other team stated that teenage pregnancy is bad, then david stood up and asked him "why is teenage pregnancy bad?" he couldn't think of an answer to that. he didn't say anything for a really long time and the other two girls on his team were writing notes really quickly to him. he couldn't read their writing so he just said "uh, okay?" in the end, we won 7th place team out of about 30 teams.

the next weekend, our girl scout troop and i went to "just cakes" to decorate cookies and cakes. we rolled dough and made it into gingerbread cookies. we decorated them with frosting. we were given cakes to put the frosting on and we decorated them with different colors and shapes of frosting caps. on my cake, i made a green border around the bottom of the cake, a border around the top and a christmas tree in the middle. the bakery smelled like butter and sugar, the things that make food taste so good.

that weekend, i also danced in a hip hop version of the play, a christmas carol. there were 3 shows. we had to stay at the performances for 2 hrs before they even started, basically to just get our make-up and costumes ready, but most of the time we were just sitting around, not allowed to talk. the 2nd and 3rd plays were much better than the first. for one of the dances in the first play, they couldn't find the music, so we had to skip that dance. there was one really big dressing room with a lot of people in it. people were running in and out of the dressing room to get backstage. on the bright side, there was a speaker in the room that connected to the microphones on stage so we could hear the songs and the lines of the actors. it was really fun to dress up as beggars, '80s people, and in christmas colors. we danced the same routines we performed at the walk for the homeless event and the miss teen dc pageant. we also added a few christmas dances into the play.

on tuesday, i performed in our school orchestra/band concert. my friend simone and i played with the 7th/8th grade orchestra. we played "the entrance of the queen of sheba"and "themes from the nutcracker." a few weeks back, i tried out for 6th grade county honors orchestra. we had to play a prepared piece which was really simple, play a few scales, and sight read a piece our orchestra teacher chose. i was excited when i found out that a couple of my friends and i all made honors orchestra. i'm hoping we'll play more complicated pieces than the pieces we play in school orchestra.

very recently, my mom and i made cookies for all my teachers, except for my PE teacher. he said he takes a walk at 5 am everyday so i figured he wouldn't want cookies. we made chocolate chip cookies, shortbread cookies and fudge. the chocolate chip cookies and the shortbread turned out really well. the fudge not so much. we only had enough good pieces to give one per teacher. there were 9 teachers. you'd think we'd know how to make fudge perfectly because i did a science fair project on how lava is like fudge last year. we made a lot of fudge then. we got little christmas tins with snowmen on them (because they're non-denominational) to put our cookies in. i gave gift cards to a few of my teachers, plus my PE teacher.

my next post will probably be from california! land of fun + sun!!



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