Monday, January 25, 2010

turning teen

i can tell that my mom is really scared of me now, because... the subtitle of my blog was recently changed from "my (almost) teenage life" to "my teenage life"! how does it feel to officially be a teenager, you ask? the thought is awesome, but actually being a teenager is not as awesome as i had imagined when i was younger. every time a website told me i had to be 13, i thought about how turning 13 would be the most revolutionary turning point of my life. but now, i can't even recall those sites and there is nothing exclusively for 13-year-olds that i look to do. now, i'm looking forward to the big 16, when the driving lessons start! my mom will be even more scared then.

here is my all-time favorite cake from stella's! mmm... vanilla cake, vanilla mousse, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and the best part, the frosting! just writing about it is making my mouth water. when we were getting the cake, we were joking about asking them to write on the cake: happy thirteenth birthday beatriz shue-yi atsavapranee. is that even possible? maybe on a really large cake... anyway, as you look as this cake, are you wondering what that last candle is doing there? well, we seem to have been short on candles. 12 matching candles and 1 non-matching candle is better than just 12 matching candles, right?

an early gift for my birthday was a pair of crochet ugg boots. i'm sure you've seen them because they seem to be the current "in" thing. but, the color completely ups their already high cool factor. they are jacaranda! like the tree (i only know that from google). i love how they can sort of transform by folding it down and up.

we also got mario galaxy for the wii. my heart still belongs to mario kart, but mario galaxy is really fun too. it's a bit complicated to explain, but the main gist is that you go to different galaxies to collect stars. it is more like the original mario game than mario kart, as you may have guessed. what's cool is that it's almost like it's 3D when you go around the planets.

my friend, emma, got me "just dance" for the wii! it is so much fun. we love dancing (and singing) to wanna be, girls just wanna have fun, and womanizer. ella has a signature move in womanizer. plus, we had a blast watching my dad dance the most girly dances of all. what's scary is that he might actually be able to beat us sooner or later...

even though my birthday was on saturday, my friends still decorated my locker for friday! it was amazing. i opened my locker, and there was striped and waxy wallpaper across my locker door, streamers hanging down with the letters BEA taped on them, bows taped onto my magnets, a cute origami lizard called trizzy the lizzy, an adorable japanese keychain which is now on my backpack, the cutest folder (IT HAD POOH ON IT!) and some presents from my friends. they are awesome friends, i must say.

i also logged onto facebook to happily find that 26 people wished me happy birthday! i have barely ever talked to 14 of these people, but that's just part of facebook's charm, right?

from the teenage me


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