Monday, August 30, 2010

the transformation from pyle panther to whitman viking

wow! i can't believe that today was the first day of high school. i feel completely old (which i guess, is considered a good thing among us children).

i packed up my backpack ahead of time and woke up at 6:20 this morning so that i could actually catch the bus... which only happens under extreme duress (like on the first days of school). my mom walked me to the bus stop which, in retrospect, was a little embarrassing. looks like i'm going to have to overcome my fear of being attacked in order to look more like a nonchalant high school student. my mom definitely sped up this process by telling me that the stalkers were probably not out at 6:40 am. when i got to the bus stop, there were two boys that i had never seen before. it was strange since everyone stood at least 5 feet apart (what are they, radioactive?)

when i walked into school, i was completely prepared for first period. then i realized. it was 6:55, and first period started at 7:25. i was shocked, just thinking about the difference that an extra 25 minutes of sleep could have made.

it was not a surprise that i got lost a whole lot. i must know: why is the gym in such an obscure place? well, i hope that this will get easier with time...

most of my teachers gave the insanely boring lecture about their rules and expectations. to be honest, they all have the same rules and expectations.

now this is not saying much, since it's only been one day, but my freshman year is looking bright! the upperclassmen aren't as freakishly large as i had expected.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

the end of easy life

here i am, blogging about the last day of summer... when really, i should be working on my summer reading. annnnd, that brings me to my summer goals!

in my "summertime, and the livin' is easy" post from the last day of 8th grade, i made a few summer goals, and told you:

"i will tell you on the first day of school whether or not i reached my three goals... i'm not too confident though, since i'm already on the road to full procrastination and, honestly, i'm not exactly in the mood for any serious physical activity. arg. summer. it always makes me feel lazy (even lazier than usual. that's a lot)."

so... did i do it?

the goals

  • blog more! --success-- in fact, i am even blogging right now. though i have not finished writing all of my summer posts... when i have, there will be a lot of posts! just wait and see!! :)
  • to not procrastinate on my summer work --questionable-- i am not quite done with my summer work (quite!). but, hear me out! i finished most of the work for my fiction selection at the beginning of the summer. then i, well, took a... break... a long break. after several weeks, i read the entire drama selection on the plane from california to new mexico. now, on the last day of summer, i have 3 paragraphs to finish and 5 paragraphs to start (there are 14 paragraphs total). considering that this is due on wednesday, i'm thinking that i have a pretty good chance of surviving.
  • to gain 5 pounds --failure-- i gained one whole pound. oh my, oh my... no matter how hard i try, the food that goes into my belly always disappears overnight! however, to my credit, i did grow half an inch this summer (and, honestly, i only want to gain weight to get taller).

wouldn't you say that i did pretty well?

cute little reading bug (who doesn't look all too happy to be reading-- like me!)

this summer has been one of the most amazing ones ever; it has been blissful doing absolutely nothing educational... but i am still super psyched to be a high schooler (well, a very short high schooler)! i am going to get lost trying to find the gym, but who cares.

for a while, my backpack had been collecting dust in the corner next to the couch. but, now that my mom made it sparkly clean, all of my supplies are neatly organized inside of it.

well, i've got to get off of the computer now-- i'm going to try to catch the bus tomorrow (please note the word "try"). i usually catch the bus on the first days of school, that is, before i just stop trying and prefer sleeping.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the soggy socks go into the hamper...

if there is one thing that you get from this blog post, it should be this: walt whitman cross country is intense. i started a few weeks late, like some other people, since i was in new mexico. today was my first day of running with wwxc. i don't think i've ever sweated this much ever before in my life...

even though wwxc is no cuts, most of the members on the team are amazing runners. in fact, some newbies have already quit. i guess you have to be a pretty decent runner to survive this crazy running schedule.

people often say that running gets easier, and i suppose that this can be true for anything that you practice. i definitely believe in this concept: in middle school, i couldn't even run a mile without stopping... it felt like hours, even though it was less than 10 minutes (yeah, i know, pretty sad). i trained a bit before the cross country season, and can now run 3.1 miles without stopping! i'm not saying that i'm good, because i can't run a 5k much faster than 28 minutes. i think it's better, though, to achieve the distance before improving your time.

my only question: how much easier does this get??

go vikes!


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