Friday, July 6, 2012

what temperature do humans melt at?

It has been a hot and sweaty week at Chez Atsavapranee. We always lose power at the worst of times. First, during the snowpocalypse, when there was more snow than I had ever seen in my life, and now during the heat wave, which has set a new record of nine days for the number of days above 95°F. In fact, the heat index for tomorrow is 110°F! I'm definitely going to be spending my day indoors. I hate extreme weather!

There was an insane storm on Friday, called a derecho. I don't understand the name, because it means "right" in Spanish... but I'm proud to say that I remember that from Spanish class. It spread all the way from the midwest to the east coast! The news said that it was the worst non-hurricane storm in Maryland history. In my area, the wind uprooted a bunch of gigantic trees, which pulled down power lines and crushed a few cars and roofs. The radio was saying that in Ohio, the wind was so strong that it was separating families who were outside!

On Friday night, I was with my friends Peter and Laura. We were sort of nervous because of the storm warning, but it was getting late. Right after Peter dropped me off at my house and I walked inside, it started pouring... and then there was thunder and lightning... and then falling branches. I was getting anxious looking out the window and also feeling guilty for sitting on my bed while they were driving through sheets of rain. I called after a while to make sure they were okay.

I had just turned on the TV in my room when a storm warning came on. It said to be prepared to lose power, so I yelled to my family downstairs, "Prepare to lose power!" And what do you know. A second later... no power. My dad was like, "Ok, you can turn it back on now!"

So there was some funny timing during the storm.

One million people lost power, but I think we were one of the last to get it back. It was miserable at our house. The heat just makes you tired and unmotivated to do anything. Interestingly, it also takes away your appetite. Even my cat wasn't eating much.

We spent many hours at the library, the bookstore, and anywhere else with air conditioning and WiFi. At night we played cards by the lantern and fanned each other. Other than that, there was really nothing to do. How did people survive without electricity for thousands of years?

On Saturday, I had to finish an essay for a scholarship and an application at the library. The WiFi was unbearably slow. It took almost an hour to join the crowded WiFi network and then another half an hour to open my email. Then I had to borrow a guy's flash drive a couple of times. But it all worked out in the end.

Two days ago, over 75% of people had their power back, which unfortunately did not include us. But, luckily, we got our power back yesterday around noon, just in time to survive the hot weekend! I got the news while working in the lab, and I couldn't help but jump with happiness. :) Since then, I've been overdosing on TV, internet, and refrigerated food. Times like this make you really, really appreciate AC. A lot.

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Peter Czajka said...

Thanks for your concern Bea :) Laura and I had quite the adventure that night. I was happy that you were safe at home though.


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