Wednesday, January 9, 2013

that's a wrap

One of my recent hobbies has been making jewelry with wire. I made some simple jewelry when I was younger, but now I'm getting into more intricate and complex designs. They all include a lot of wire wrapping which is very time-consuming and often makes my fingers sore. But, I love jewelry-making because I'm always proud of my work and homemade jewelry makes great presents for my friends and family! Here are some of the pieces I have made:

This wrapped barbell bracelet was my first complex piece of jewelry, with each barbell link wrapped with wire and connected with figure eights. I love to wear it!


I used simple loops and wraps to create this adjustable ring. I made one for me and my sister.

I made these earrings as a birthday gift for my mom. Like the barbell bracelet, these also required a lot of wire wrapping for each earring. I love the effect of the hollow compartments.

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