Tuesday, January 1, 2013

monster on the horizon

It's winter break! After four months of slaving away in school, we finally made it! Ella and I are always determined to make the most of our breaks by doing "something fun" every day, whatever that means. Our many activities during school breaks and weekends include (but are definitely not limited to) bowling, ice skating, mini-golfing, rock climbing, swimming, pottery painting, and, much to our parents' dismay, shopping.

On Saturday, we decided to do some art! I painted a cup, and Ella made a fused glass plate and painted an ornament. Because of my meticulous painting style, pottery painting is always a big time commitment, but this was an extreme case. This was probably the longest I have ever spent something... It took about six hours over the course of two days!

I think I may have been too ambitious with my design: a sky background, clouds, an airplane with a "BEATRIZ" banner, extremely detailed buildings, and an adorable monster! The most time consuming part was definitely the buildings. I first painted three coats of light purple and three coats of light gray, waiting for each coat to dry in between. Then, it took me forever to scratch out the windows and doors on each building. Here are pictures of my piece from all angles before it was fired in the kiln. You might notice an advertisement for The Trizzle on one of the buildings!

Ella did a fused art project. She glued a bunch of small pieces of colored glass onto a large glass square to make a checkered rainbow pattern. When they fired the piece, they made it into a plate by folding the sides up! Time passed so quickly. Before I knew it, Ella had finished her fused art project, my parents were getting really bored, and the store was closing. We had to come in the next day so I could finish, and my sister painted a cute penguin ornament!

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