Wednesday, December 19, 2012

whitman science magazine

Check out the newly published Whitman Science Magazine, a non-profit publication run by students at my high school. The magazine compiles student articles, pictures, and opinion pieces about current, topical issues in science and technology. We appreciate the funding from the student government that makes it possible to run a non-profit magazine.

In the first issue, you’ll find articles and pictures covering a variety of topics ranging from aeronautics to neuroscience. The cover picture may look like a psychedelic frog, but it's actually an MRI picture of my brain with the connections false colored based on their direction.

As a first time editor and graphic/web designer for a magazine, it was a huge task to create a new website and magazine from scratch. The importance of design and layout is often taken for granted. It's something that's only noticed when it looks bad. I'm so glad that everything is up and running now and I'm really proud of the final product.

I love exploring different areas of research and then writing about them to make science more interesting and accessible to my audience. I'm lucky to work with other students who are passionate about science. I know it's going to be a great year! Look for new issues every academic quarter.

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