Tuesday, October 23, 2012

better than autopia

At my school, I'm younger than almost everyone else in 11th grade, sometimes by even more than a year. While they're all 16 or just turning 17, I'm still 15. But today was a very important day. A pivotal moment in my life, really. Today, not only am I 15... I'm 15 and 9 months! And that's even better than a birthday because it means that I'm finally old enough to get my learner's permit!!

I was so excited that I convinced my mom to take me to get it today after school! As we waited in line at the DMV, my anticipation was building and I was getting giddy. Once we finally reached the front of the line, they had to burst my bubble by telling us that we had an incorrect form. What we thought was my birth certificate was actually just my birth certificate registration that my parents had mistaken for my birth certificate for my whole life. Until now, the birth certificate registration had always been completely acceptable, so my parents never made the distinction. Man, they really make you work for your learner's permit.

We rushed back home to grab my passport and got to the DMV just before closing time at 4:30 pm, which I think is an insanely early closing time. From there, everything was easy. To be honest, my main concern was the picture. Passport and license pictures are always so much pressure. You have one shot to look decent and then that picture will be in your face for the next few years whether you like it or not. Luckily, the picture looked good! I filled out my information for the permit and went to take the law test on a computer. I wasn't too worried because I had read the driver's manual and taken some practice tests online. Almost all of the test questions were in the online practice tests word for word, so it was definitely helpful to study. It was also nice that the computer told me my score as I took the test so I knew that I was doing well and could stay calm.

I was literally jumping with excitement as we left the DMV with my permit. I've already gone driving in the neighborhood with my mom and learned how to do a 3-point turn!

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