Tuesday, August 23, 2011

feels like san francisco

both my parents are at work right now. as my little sister and i were sitting on the couch, browsing etsy for crochet robots, our house began to shake. i figured that it was just our washing machine going on overtime, until everything in the house started rattling and some car alarm went off outside. yup-- i just experienced my first earthquake!

according to the radio, it was a 5.9 quake. and even though its center was in virginia, it was felt all the way from north carolina to toronto!
immediately after the earthquake, i called my parents and then logged onto facebook. i thought that i was quick to grab my computer, but i guess that others were quicker! my news feed was already flooded with people screaming "EARTHQUAKEEE"! i can just imagine people posting frantic facebook statuses during the earthquake.

when i went upstairs, i found my poor cat hiding under the bed. apparently, she is smarter than ella and me. while she instinctively ran for cover, we just sat on the couch in shock, gripping each other's hands for dear life.

at least everyone is okay!
my mom heard on the radio that people were running out of buildings screaming... oh my... the only negative result of the earthquake, for me, was that two of my mom's hats fell out of the closet and i had to pick them up.

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