Saturday, November 6, 2010

the opening act for the stanley nickels

today, jahda, who worked in my mom's lab, had her graduation party and can now be called a doctor! the party was so much fun. it wasn't your average adult party with only socializing. no, there was some awesome entertainment...

jahda's husband, jonathan, is an amazing guitarist. he and his friend lue have a band called "the stanley nickels," and they played at the party! here's the best part: qian, a grad student in my mom's lab, wanted to sing "you belong with me" by taylor swift... so jonathan and i played guitar with her! as my mom likes to point out, this was my guitar debut.

my mom convinced me to post my "debut" on the trizzle, which (in my opinion) is a much better option than her original proposition to post it on facebook. oh no, that would mean that all my facebook friends (or as my mom calls them, “acquaintances that you don't hate”) would have access to it.

we had been discussing whether i should post the video (for a visual aid) or the soundtrack (for better sound quality). i was going to post both, but after more than 24 hours waiting for the soundtrack to "process," i decided to just settle for the video:

credit: qian wang- video taping and editing
credit: jack dong- awkward zooming

jahda's quotes of the night:
"come on bea, you're a teenager, you know j.biebs!"

"i'm a scientist and i'm still cool... that's okay!"

1 comment:

Steve said...

A great performance all around (of course, the video quality was not as professional as the performance, but you knew that). Applause.


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