Friday, March 19, 2010

mochi madness

japan. i have been through their airport so many times, but never actually visited. both my mom and dad have been there for business. in fact, my dad has just come home from japan! he was in tokyo for a three day meeting... and came back with some gifts for us. usually it is some unfitted shirt from the airport... but surprisingly, this time, he actually went shopping for some awesome gifts! dad: if you are reading this... THANK YOU!

interestingly yummy
did you know there was such thing as green tea flavored kit kats? it's ok if you haven't, because i didn't either until... dad got me some from japan! sounds weird right? but, it was super yummy in my tummy!

i actually just read, straight from the kit kat website, that:

"Many exotic KIT KAT flavours exist in different countries around the world, depending on local tastes. Some examples include the 'green tea' flavoured KIT KAT in Japan, or Peanut Butter flavoured KIT KAT in UK and Canada."

wow! i'm glad i tried one of their "many exotic kit kat flavours."

i even took some pictures of the box (next to ella's happy cat collection, just to set the scene... also because mom said it looked like a ginormous box without perspective).

my adorably chubby neighbor
i have always loved totoro. he doesn't speak, but he is just so cute! so, i'm glad dad got me this awesome totoro keychain!

chop chop ninja!
the thing that i asked my dad to get for me were... chopsticks! i love chopsticks. i mean, who doesn't love sticks that you use to eat food? i knew that asking for chopsticks was a pretty good bet, because you can easily get cute chopsticks at the japan airport.

but, i was wrong for doubting dad in the first place! he got me two pair of chopsticks. they are adorable. one has owls and one has cats. yippee!

time for tea
recently, my family has grown a great interest in tea (mostly started by my dad). from the last few months, we have gotten a few tea-balls, and even a tea pot with a strainer. we have gotten tea from the chinese grocery store, and also from teavana. so it was awesome when dad brought home some japanese tea for us. the little tin it is in is really cute. they look a bit like this:

pretty huh?

mochi madness
with me, you can never go wrong with food! dad brought home large amounts of mochis. in one package, i hate to say, the mochis looked like slugs. that's ok though, because they were tasty slugs. and in the other package, there were the coolest things ever... MOCHI KABOBS! who knew there was such a variety of mochis? everything from slug mochis to mochi kabobs... that makes me love mochi's even more.

thanks again, dad!

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