Sunday, March 28, 2010

pink up the town

i recently realized that i haven't been blogging very often... is it because i have been too lazy to blog? or because there haven't been any noteworthy events in my life? it is probably a combination of both. but, no need to worry... my life is really starting to get interesting.

i really love cherry blossoms. so, luckily for me, it has been a weekend completely devoted to cherry blossoms!

on saturday, i performed at the national cherry blossom festival, in the national building museum, for the family day! this was my second year performing at the festival.

it is always really fun because of all the activities around. it is hard to get bored there (but then again, i'm pretty easily amused). me and ella's ultimate favorite thing to do was make tissue paper flowers. we must have more than 10 lying around the house! the thing is, they don't look like cherry blossom flowers. they look more like carnations. i'm completely fine with that, though, because i have always loved carnations.

so, in between the time we were making tissue paper flowers, we performed! it's funny to perform on their stage, because there are no wings. so, when you are not dancing, you are kneeling on the edge of the stage. but, that was actually really fun. in the picture below, we are all crowded together on the side... do you see me kneeling closest to the audience?

anyway, here are some more photos from the performance!

thank you to kevin pajarillaga (my fellow dancer) for the above pictures!
thank you to john park (ella's friend, sophie,'s dad) for the above picture!

also, this next picture isn't of future shock, it is of culture shock (the adult group). i just had to show you it because of its awesomeness. yeah culture shock!!

thank you to kevin pajarillaga, again, for the above picture!

sundayon sunday, we went into dc to see the cherry blossoms. it really makes total sense to see them right after the cherry blossom performance!

in this picture, i am actually wearing the shirt that ella got from the cherry blossom festival! not only am i wearing ella's shirt, i am also wearing her scarf! i mean, i couldn't wear the shirt without the scarf (or the scarf without the shirt)! :)

here is a picture of me and ella. there were 3 pictures of me and ella with the cherry blossoms... the one that i liked least, ella liked the most. the one that ella liked least, i liked the most. we had to compromise. here is the middle choice picture (for both of us).

here we are in the archway to the pinkness! a very uncomfortable pose... a little bit awkward too... but that's ok right? i think that its coolness makes up for it.

anyways, happy cherry blossom seeing!

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Louisa said...

ella's cherry blossom T blends in well with the trees. i love the dance pictures! wish i could've been there. i didn't realize that smelling one's armpit was a future shock dance move. :)

love, mom


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