Tuesday, February 16, 2010

blogging runs in the family

all things swell
as some of you may know, i have a 9 year old sister named ella. i've even blogged about her a few times, which she loves. anyway, she just recently started her own blog called all things swell! she was really excited about the idea of her own blog, and wanted me to help her with the design right away. as ella puts it, her blog is all about "ella's thoughts on the world." ella is completely hilarious and equally clever, so make sure to check it out!

click the link below
all things swell
click the link above

second winter break!
2009-2010 school year: the year we got two winter breaks! the 55.6 inches of snow got us to miss school from the middle of friday, february 5 to the late morning of tuesday, february 16! i guess this makes up for the horrid power loss.

you know, without school, it is really hard to know what day it is. monday? thursday? who knows. honestly, it was getting quite boring at home. and, from the looks of facebook updates, my friends agreed. but, now that i'm back at school, i wish school was still canceled. why must my mind work like this?

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Ella said...

yes it does... this is one of my fav

ps.love the picture!(in california)


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