Thursday, December 31, 2009

it's a pizza... it's a cake... no, it's supercookie!

goodbye 2009, hello 2010
happy early new year! 2010 is just hours away! as always, i'll have a hard time remembering to write "2010" instead of "2009" on my school papers. i mean, i've been writing "2009" for a whole year now. anyway, most people like to end the year with a big BANG, right? well, i'm not that type... but i did bake something awesome.

mental light bulb! 
have you ever seen one of those giant chocolate chip cookie cakes? today, when i asked my mom to bake some cookies, i thought, why not (attempt to) make one of those big things? i thought of using a regular cookie recipe, but then thought i would search up a very specific giant chocolate chip cookie cake recipe on google, just to be safe.

my mom and ella were busy speeding down a race track, jumping on giant mushrooms and sometimes falling off cliffs (on mario kart wii, that is). we just got it for christmas, and it has shown just how competitive we atsavapranees are (not that anyone had doubted it before).

i proceeded to create the most colossal cookie i've ever baked! well, i've never baked a cookie bigger than the regular size, so i guess that's not saying much. it's a really simple recipe. the only problem: i preheated the top oven, and when the time came to put the cookie in... it didn't fit! i started to preheat the bottom oven at that moment. all was good from then on.


after:the frosting makes the cookie
but, what would a gigantic cookie be without some nice frosting to go with it? we dug out some frosting from ages ago, but when i tried to get some out, a bunch of oil leaked out from the top. gross.

so we made our very own sour cream frosting. since we had just put away our big mixer after making the big cookie, dad said he would mix it by hand. he ended up being just like an electric mixer! literally. ella enjoyed his nice sound effects and "pressing" his arm to make him mix even faster.

it was pretty coincidental that we baked a cake/cookie, and today is new year's eve. i actually hadn't thought about it. i thought i might as well decorate it as a new year's cake!

i added some food coloring to parts of the frosting. we now have many bowls of frosting in different colors on our dining room table. i had to use a bunch of ziploc bags as icing bags since they kept on ripping, and yes, it was messy.

it took me about an hour to perfect my masterpiece. to everyone who thinks i'm a perfectionist... i guess you are right! i don't really mind though, because it turned out great! at the end, i realized that we had only used about 1/20 of the frosting we made. my mom's idea was to make cupcakes and put the frosting on them! yum.

my next post will be in 2010!

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Lisa Deng said...

i want to eat that cookie


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