Saturday, December 5, 2009

hobo snowman

let it snow!
today was the first snow of the season! on chat and email, everyone is really excited. for the last few weeks, this group of guys in spanish class kept randomly screaming "IT'S SNOWING!" and everyone would snap their heads toward the windows (after the first time, i didn't). it started snowing this morning when i was at richard montgomery high school taking the high school magnet test. it even started to stick, but then it just started to melt slowly and sadly. it was almost all melted when ella, my mom and i went out to play in the snow. we just came in, since it is almost dark (even though it is only 4:45 pm!) right now, the snow is turning into rain. sigh.

when we went outside, ella and i started rolling up balls of snow for our snowman. it was originally supposed to be a regular snowman, but we got some dirt and leaves from the lawn into the snow, so decided to make it a hobo snowman. there he is, panhandling on our front lawn. what for? maybe some clean snow to wear.

how do you like him? what should we name him?

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