Friday, November 27, 2009

the tired shopping warriors

we, a.k.a the tired shopping warriors in mom's words, have come back alive from a mission to single-handedly stimulate the economy on black friday! today, me, my mom, and ella went shopping on black friday, but my dad didn't come since he "doesn't like crowds."

the landing
my mom was all worried about parking. she asked if she could drop us off, and meet us some 30 minutes later. i said we would stay with her, so me and ella were prepared to die of boredom in the car. i checked the clock so i could keep track of how long it took. 11:34. and...... parking at 11:35! mom was beaming.

the mission
we were surprised that abercrombie had deals because usually it doesn't. spend $100, get a $25 gift card. apparently i'm getting a $25 gift card for christmas.

then, we went to justice where we were able to hunt down some stocking stuffers for ella. hopefully ella doesn't read this... we got her 3 pairs of furry socks, and a pack of 6 cute food erasers. the erasers are pretty cool. they are sort of like puzzle pieces that connect. check out this site: .

we looked at some uggs, where ella decided to get some knit gray ones shipped to our house... and, it's just my luck, after ella made up her mind, i realized that i liked those the best as well. then, they didn't have it in my size. and also, they don't have it in stock anywhere at all so the earliest they would be able to ship it is february. i guess they are popular...

by the way, just mentioning, as i was typing the paragraph before this, ella read about her stocking stuffers. it was only after she read it that i realized that she was sitting next to me, staring at it, smiling. even after it says, "hopefully ella doesn't read this..." god.

the success
after going to some more stores like, gap, macy's, sears, benetton, etc. we left a little more than 5 hours later. phew. i think that's a new black friday record! but at least we completed our mission, right?

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Steve said...

They don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Spain, but shopping still seems very popular!


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