Thursday, November 19, 2009

wii will rock you

on wednesday, the wii came in the mail! it is me and ella's big christmas gift this year, but we couldn't wait, and got it early! my dad ordered the wii separately from the mario game, wii fit, wii play, extra controller, and numchuck. what is really aggravating is that almost everything came on tuesday... except the wii!

but, i'm so excited that it finally came! when we went to california in october, we played with allie and adam's wii. it was so awesome! we did a lot of virtual hula hooping and skiing. unfortunately, the day that the wii came was sort of busy since ella had a cello lesson, and i had some homework to do. but, of course, i squeezed in some wii time at 11:40 pm.

the all important... wii fit age
let's see...
  1. when we played the wii at allie and adam's house, ella was 28 (+20), and i was 13 (+1).
  2. during my 11:40 wii session, i ended up being 17 (+5).
  3. yesterday, after school, ella was 9 (+1) and i was 12 (+0). by the way, my parents also tried the wii fit yesterday, and were both 45 (+4).
hmm... i am yet to find out what my wii fit age really is. it is different every time! this whole wii fit age thing is sort of blurry.

wii fit awesomeness!
i love the wii fit! it literally senses your every move. the major thing that the wii fit does is measure your balance. for example, in the yoga section, me and ella like to do the tree pose. they show you a dot that traces your balance, and it's really hard to keep totally still! the only thing about the wii fit is that it can't tell most things other than balance. i'm guessing that this is why they call me "shaky" on the balance exercises and a "body builder" on the strength exercises.

this is mii
i loved creating my mii. i'm not sure how realistic it looks. one thing is for sure: the proportions are not realistic. i copied the mii's from the wii screen. does this look like our family? can you guess who is who? please comment :)

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