Friday, November 20, 2009

ghost of pictures past

school pictures. they are really stressful! well at least for me. what if you mess up the picture that goes into the yearbook that everyone will look back on for eternity?? i guess that's a bit melodramatic, but it's true that i do get really anxious before school pictures. today, they gave me my picture. let me just say, i think these braces are messing up my face. they even ruined my new passport picture. anyway, i thought that i would put all of my pictures of the past onto this post, so i can remember them long after i've lost all the copies.

before preschool:
i was 2 and a half. i guess this was sort of a daycare stage. hey look! i still had some chub back then. :)

preschool: here i am, in preschool. check it out, my two front teeth fell out. by the way, my hair is pulled back... it was longer than that!

kindergarten: are you starting to wonder what that tree i keep leaning against is? well, for these 3 pictures, i went to greenwood, and they took pictures with trees. it looks so, nature like...

1st grade: this was my first year at bannockburn elementary. i even remember picking out my outfit for this picture. that sweater i am wearing actually says "101 dalmations" on the back. plus, do you see me proudly wearing my girl scouts necklace? :)

2rd grade: wow, my dress and the background matched perfectly (in both 1st grade AND 2nd grade). hmm... i can't remember whether or not i planned that...

3rd grade: i don't know why i decided to go with the background. just wanted to mention, in case you thought i went to some pond to get my school picture taken.

4th grade: if you noticed, i am wearing the same sweater as in 3rd grade. if you didn't notice, i guess i'm stupid for pointing it out. it was a good school picture sweater, though! does it look like i'm laughing in the picture? that is the year that the photographer tried to make me laugh... and i am the easiest person in the world to make laugh. in this picture, i'm just trying my hardest to stop laughing.

5th grade: ermm, i'm not a huge fan of this picture. let me just say, those photographers need to tell us they are going to take the picture... before they take the picture!

6th grade: in this picture, you can tell i was stressing out. i was so tight that the muscles on my neck are sticking out!

8th grade: don't ask where the 7th grade picture went, because i truly don't know. anyway, i'm thinking that all my experience with school pictures helped. notice how i was ready to smile. that's because, as soon as i went to sit on the stool, i put on my smile. after about 30 seconds, the camera man told me to relax since he was setting the camera up the whole time. :-/

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