Sunday, October 4, 2009

what price for beauty?

braces. the. ultimate. torture. device. i got braces on july 2nd. when you get braces, they give you a monstrous list of what you can't eat:

the forbidden foods
-hard candy
-hard bread crusts
-pizza crust
-hard nuts
-tortilla chips
-corn nuts
-corn on the cob
-dried fruit
have to be cut into bite size pieces
can't chew
have to be careful of the sugar in
-sugary cereals

but, nobody actually follows this list. i can't imagine someone refering to this list every time they eat. i mean, this list is basically my entire diet! i wouldn't be able to survive. well, maybe i could live without chewing bones...

when you first get braces, enjoy the painless hour right after you get them, because your teeth get super sore on the second day. then, all you eat is mush. mush! after i first got my braces, i was glad that i wouldn't ever have to go through that again... but then on the third orthodontist appointment, they put in a bigger wire. apparently, the first time, they were "warming me up" with a small wire and so on the third time, it hurt like crazy!! here we go again with the mush! but, luckily, my mom came up with the genius idea of giving me food that melts in my mouth. :) for the past few days, my diet has consisted of:

-oatmeal (which i have to swallow without chewing)
-apple sauce
-mini meringues
-pillow mints
-mashed potatoes

i don't even like eating the same thing two days in a row, and i have had to eat the same thing since wednesday! i can't stand this. :(

p.s. my mom thinks it's hilarious when they put their stretching tool in my mouth. they first used it to take pictures of my teeth before i got braces and my mom couldn't stop cracking up. so this time, she wanted a picture of her own. she says, "now, whenever i'm feeling down, i can just look at that picture!"

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Amanda said...

Hahaha Bea :) I had to do that mouth stretcher too... I just did not no how weird it looked on me :P


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