Tuesday, September 1, 2009

pump up the balloons

i need to keep you updated on the latest ella obsessions, since she starts all the new trends...

we just recently went to my mom's friend's party. he gave us a pack of long balloons and ella loves it! i made some animals for her... (from left to right) there's a: butterfly, bichon frise, mouse, giraffe, and dog. those all came with instructions, except for the mouse and the giraffes, which i came up with myself.

after ella first made the dog, i thought to make a giraffe. when i told her, she said, "OH MY GOD!! CAN YOU PLEASE SHOW ME HOW TO MAKE ONE??" my answer: "you just make the dog... with a longer neck..." she looked sort of disappointed. "oh..."

i spent a ridiculously long amount of time making that balloon hat for ella. first off, it is much more difficult than it looks. and second, in the process of making it, the balloon popped two times. after that traumatic experience, ella asked for a sword; she'd always wanted one, so i thought, why not. so there she is: the balloon pirate! she says, "they're just gonna think i robbed some clowns."

don't you just love ella?


Beth said...

Man, I'm jealous! I've always wanted to be a clown-robbing-balloon-pirate when I grew up!

Paisan said...

Cool hat, Ella.


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