Tuesday, September 29, 2009

P.E. should stand for Pain Escalation

recently, someone came up with the horrible idea of fitness friday. we have a system where our classes are every other day, so we have fitness friday every other friday. i guess we are lucky, since other schools have it every week. i'm already having nightmares about the first time... on fitness fridays, we have to run around the outdoor track for at least 4 laps, which is a mile. some people shot for 6 or 7, which i find strange. sure, they get a few extra points, but i'm just fine with the minimum.

it was like torture. the whole time, there was a gnat in my face, and eventually, it flew straight into my eye. and to add to that, the whole time, i was having cramps which explains all the breaks i had to take. my legs were so itchy! oh, and when i looked down, they were completely red.

before this fitness friday thing started, we had to run the mile twice a year. some lucky classes didn't have to do it at all. but now, we have to run in circles every other week. considering how much pain and suffering i had to go through on one friday, imagine how i'll be at the end of the year, after 17 more.

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Cinnamon, Chocolate, and Spice! said...

hahaha! nice batriz! i remember that!!!!!!!


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