Tuesday, September 29, 2009

middle school irony

both last weekend and the weekend before that were "homework free weekends." the reason i put that into quotes is because my school has the most lame excuse for a homework free weekend. ironically, there is more homework than usual. my theory is that the teachers think nobody else is giving homework, so they decide to just dump it all onto us when they get the chance. i don't think our school should even have a homework free weekend. they get our hopes up, then send them crashing down.

but of course, they can't just give us the homework. they need an excuse. it is pretty impressive what they manage to come up with.

the friday excuse: "technically this friday afternoon is not the weekend. do your homework then."
the optional excuse: "this homework is optional, but... if you don't do it, you won't be ready for our next assignment which, by the way, is 50 points."
the high school excuse: "the homework free weekend does not apply to us because this is a high school class. in high school, they aren't having a homework free weekend."
the project excuse: "this is a long term assignment. you don't have to do it on the weekend."

oh well. perhaps it would be best to rename these weekends, "not so homework free weekends."

1 comment:

Julia Squeri said...

haha i love it! so true!


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