Monday, August 24, 2009

the many things you have yet to learn about ella

hey everyone!

the blog you are about to read is all and only about my very interesting 8-year-old sister, ella. here's what she has to say about being on my blog.

here is what ella is all about...

1. corkyland

i bet ella's cork collection can beat all the cork collections out there, and she would like to give a big thanks to our daddy for contributing all those corks (with a few corks worth of help from our grandpa). yesterday, during dinner, my dad gave ella another cork, so we decided to dump all the corks out of the bag and count them. strangely, the one day we decided to count them, there were exactly 300 corks. she's planning on making a raft out of them, sooner or later.

2. her favorite phrase

ella's favorite thing to say is "back off!!" it's not so much aggressive, as it is funny. the first time she ever said that, was when our whole family went swing dancing for the first time. first, we took the class before dancing. and ella explains her aggravation at someone trying to help her with her dancing. you should hear her explain it.

3. material girl

ella, i must say, is a complete fashionista. for those of you who know her, you already know this. i mean, seriously... look at that pose with the sunglasses! everything she is wearing in that pic, and almost everything in her closet, is from her favorite store: justice.

and today, when we were out at marshalls with my grandma and grandpa, she saw this jacket, and she made this face which you just have to see for yourself.

4. camerama

ever since ella got one of those polaroid cameras for christmas, we occasionally turn on the camera... and see 20 pictures of our cat, violet, in as many different poses as ella can force her into. usually she takes pictures (this is straight from the source) until "violet runs away, or [i] need to go to the bathroom." and she still uses that polaroid camera, that's in the picture, even though she could use the digital one. she likes that "it has a pretty frame kind of, and it's fun to pull out the picture." watch this completely candid video of ella fighting with her camera, as ella says, "in a totally not weird way." (turn your sound up all the way, and listen very closely at the end... it's the best part!)

5. "i'm feeling the yo-yo ma-ness!"

so ella likes cello. i'm not saying that she has ever touched a cello, other than in the shop, but she still likes cello. ella says "cause it's close to ello and ello is close to ella." she contemplated what instrument she wanted to play for a long time. she didn't want a "blowing" instrument, so she chose from strings. not only does she like cello, but she also likes yo-yo ma. a lot. we had one of his cd's, and she would listen to it over and over again. eventually, we had listened to all the songs way too many times so my mom offered to get her some new cd's. when she turns up the yo-yo ma music (very loudly, i must say) she always says "i'm feeling the yo-yo ma-ness!!!!"


a few
of ella's greatest moments, well at least the ones caught on camera:

1. the newest addidion to the jets

a while ago, we were watching the movie, "west side story." my mom and ella thought it would be fun to snap along with the jets, just to torment me. you see, i can not and never will be able to snap (or whistle). ella can do both, but she can't wink and i can! check out ella's amazing impersonation of the jets.

2. random cracking up

today, when we were at the chinese grocery store, on errands with my grandma and grandpa, ella randomly started to crack up.

i hope ella gave you some good laughs... :)

beatriz atsavapranee


Allison said...

Ella's cork collection is much bigger then Adam's

Louisa said...

I love your blog on Ella! The pics and vids make me feel like I'm right there with her... like I usually am. :)


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