Friday, August 28, 2009

elany funtza booba

ella is developing this very interesting language called "ella language." very creative name, i know. she has made up three words with their definitions. the first word she came up with was:

n. a special word in ella language that means poop

but then, she thought about it...
ella- what if that is someones name? maybe we should change it to ello or something.
- but that's really close to ella
- ...ok, i guess we will keep it as elany
- you're just making up words!
ella- yeah, that's just how ella language goes. hmm... can i tell you another word in ella language? wait a sec... i'm a lil rusty, even though i talk to myself in ella language.

funtza adj. that means very cool and awesome. synonyms: ella

when ella read the blog above before i published this, she says, "i'm only rusty because i have to talk in normal language. my family thinks i'm unsocial, but really, i'm very social in ellaland when i'm speaking ella language."

by the way, i just sent this blog to my friend amanda while writing, and when my friend amanda called ella an elany... ella adds the word booba to her ella language dictionary in order to say "booba elany."

booba adj. giant, big, and enormous

beatriz atsavapranee

p.s. i have a feeling that ella only made up this "ella language" today

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