Saturday, May 3, 2008

almost famous


p.e. highlight of 2008: we were playing flag football in p.e. for the first time they told me i was runningback. i was sort of freaked out because i barely even knew what runningback was. i knew i should've spent more time watching football with my grandpa. i was running to the other side of the field with no one blocking me cuz no one expected me to do anything. nathan threw the ball to me and luckily i caught it. i was running and everyone kept pulling at my flags. i kept looking back cuz i thought someone had pulled it already, but no they were still there. i kept running and i passed the little white line! i was kind of confused. did i just do that? yes! i did! i made a touchdown!

who's got spirit? i've got spirit, how bout u? not that many people had spirit at our school spirit week. on monday, it was crazy hair day. but of course a lot of people didn't do it cuz they forgot. i didn't forget. after i took my shower i braided all my hair and then slept on it. i woke up early to take out the braids and it was so frizzy. i put it in a sloppy ponytail on the side of my head. when i got to school my friend natalie thought i was having a bad hair day. while sticking my hair up in front of my locker mirror, i told her that i would never leave the house looking like that.

fortunately i didn't have to participate in tuesday's spirit day, mismatch day. that would have been a true test of school spirit. instead of being at school, i was at a pbs kids video shoot. i felt a little bad because i haven't watched pbs kids too much since we got cable. but i used to love watching arthur and dragon tales. my mom liked zoom. an email said that they were going to use some moves from captain huggy. since i haven't been updated on the latest pbs kids shows i didn't really know who captain huggy was. i used the awesome power of you tube to uncover his identity. apparently he's a monkey who acts out a word (like for example, sad or happy) then dances his monkey dance.

to be in this video, i had to audition the week before. in the audition, we didn't exactly do the hardest things. first they asked us to run from each side of the room to see how we followed directions. of course, i was a pro at that. after that they asked us to act like a monkey then a robot. then they asked us to freestyle dance to elevator sounding music. then they gave us 8 counts of a simple dance. the whole audition lasted around 5 minutes.

at the end of the week, i found out that i got picked to be in the video. only 11 out of 110 kids were chosen. i knew about half of the kids that got picked for the video since they were in my dance group, minishock. it was really fun to be there with people i knew. before the shoot, we were given choreography. but the real challenge to the routine was to try to dance looking enthusiastic. this was basically the only challenge because the dance didn't ever require you to move your arms while you were moving your feet. we were supposed to bring our own clothes for them to pick out an outfit for us to wear. we weren't supposed to wear anything with logos or anything green, white or orange. this was hard because almost all the clothes in my closet are green or have the abercrombie logo, a moose, on it. the studio background was green so that they could manipulate the background separately. maybe you'll see us dancing in front of the eiffel tower or maybe the zoo while we're dancing the monkey dance. it was really cool to see all the different cameras and how they videotaped other videos and commercials.

beatriz atsavapranee

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Louisa said...

Hi Bea! Your video's up on PBS Kids site. Here's the link--
it's the second one-- move like a jumping bean!
It looks very cool the way they clipped it all together.
Love, Mom


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