Monday, September 3, 2007

two degrees of separation

hey everyone,

today i had a violin lesson. it was surprising because my violin teacher knows my band teacher, who plays the oboe. at the beginning my mom was complaining that my band teacher wanted us to buy a flute book to learn violin. so alice, my violin teacher, mentioned someone asking her for help on how to teach string instruments. it ended up that that was my band teacher.
after that, we went to palisade pool for the "grill, chill and thrills" party. it was so fun because at one point, they had people get in the pool and hold hands. i didn't exactly know what they were doing, and they started circling around really fast and different people started jumping in. it looked so fun so i decided to jump in myself. it was so freaky, there were so many people in that teeny pool, i almost got run over about 10 times. the whirlpool went around so fast that even if you lifted your feet up you'd still go with it. it was so scary but so awesome, it made me really dizzy.


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Steve said...

Bea, it's good to see your blog (your mother told me about it). You manage to post a lot more than I do! Keep it up.


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