Sunday, September 2, 2007

shopping for the shoulders

hi all,

yesterday, we went to montgomery mall. we went to abercrombie and i got a few shirts. the main goal of the trip was to find something that fell within the pyle dress code. i went into hollister for the first time, the clothes were awesome but it was really loud and dark. i got a gray sweater that came with a cool belt, a white shirt that i can wear over my tank tops, a long dark blue short sleeve layering shirt, and a light blue long sleeve shirt. once we bought the clothes, i was so happy. the music was so loud, so i figured i had to scream for people to hear me. so i screamed "thank you so much mommy!!!" right after the song ended, when there was that gap of silence. how embarassing is that?

today, we saw the simpsons movie. it was so funny when lisa met this boy and she was describing him to her mom then said "i still haven't told you the best part... he's not imaginary!"
today was almost as great as the last day of 5th grade was. :)


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