Saturday, September 1, 2007

pizzicato pain

hi everyone,

this summer i went to this really cool camp, summer youth music camp at the university of maryland. this camp is for 6th-9th graders. we would play music about two and half hours each day, which made me half asleep at the end of the day rehearsal. some of our instructors had PhDs in music and were university professors. they really focused on our technique which was intense. for that week, i thought that my stomach was full of rosin because i was breathing it in so much. everyone had 7 sessions a day, everyone had a rehearsal in the morning and afternoon. the orchestra rehearsed together, and the band rehearsed together. my second session was musical theater. we didn't read any music or set up a performance, it was mostly identifying musicals from the songs. my third session was technology, we used garage band (which are on macs) to create songs and then we burned them on to CDs. for fourth session we had lunch outside, on the grass hills, then we watched a concert. one day, almost recess came. they sang a song and let the audience pick a style for them to sing the same song in, which was awesome. there was actually someone who asked them to do heavy metal, they also did country, rap, jazz, etc. lol. we all had numbers on our name tags, according to our last names. the camp director would do a raffle for things everyday. fifth session for me, was sectionals which was where all the violins came together and practiced the violin part, in my case the 2nd violin part. for sixth session i had camp chorus, we learned 2 songs, neither of them english, but we did have music to read which was helpful, and we sang harmonies which was confusing at times. for the concert, we played 3 songs, which can be downloaded from the site below. we all had to wear tan pants, and a black camp t-shirt which was ginormous. they even wanted us to tuck it in! and since it was so long, it was really, REALLY bunchy. after the concert my mom, ella, and i went to cold stone creamery which was in college park, pretty close to the camp. i actually saw about 12 kids from my camp there, lol.


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