Tuesday, August 21, 2007

sugar donut

hi everyone,

we walked to redondo beach, it's only a few blocks away. at the beach we saw some dolphins playing really close to the shore. about 50 ft away, it was within swimming distance from the shore, i didn't think they actually got that close to humans. it was hilarious when allie (my cousin) got all wet and then rolled in the sand-- this is called a "sugar donut". the sunscreen we put on was hard to rub in and would make my skin look purple. it was also waterproof so it made water bead on the surface of my skin.
later in the day, i went to souplantation with my grandparents. souplantation is my favorite restaurant, but there aren't any in maryland. it's a soup and salad buffet. there are even little ice cream cones that you can fill with soft serve ice cream. the best part is that you can get as much ice cream as you want.
it's 3 hours earlier in california than it is in maryland. i'm having a hard time shifting over. usually after we go out to dinner and come home, it feels really late. for example right now, so it's hard blogging at a time that feels like it's after midnight in maryland (or... later). so, thats all for now.


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