Tuesday, August 14, 2007

sore legs

hey everyone,

camp today was definitely better than yesterday. when we rode, we had to post and go into two-point, first with no stirrups, then with no reins. no stirrups was definitely harder than reins-- you have to squeeze with your legs and push yourself up for posting and two-pointing. my legs were burning! no reins was fun, and it actually made two-point much easier. i was glad we didn't ride bareback today.

i didn't have breakfast because we were in such a hurry. we had lunch at about 2:00 PM. the lack of food made me feel a bit dizzy which i think happens before you faint. at lunch, we saw a baby bird being eaten by smoky, the cat who is supposed to eat pests. sad and scary. :(

ella wanted to go to the pool again. because of my back, i just sat near the pool and listened to music... for three hours! i had a pretzel and i played a little ping pong.

beatriz atsavapranee


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