Wednesday, August 22, 2007

soarin' over california

hi all,

today we went to disneyland at around 9:45 for brunch at a pretty nice buffet where several disney characters walked around. the food there included cute waffles in the shape of mickey mouse, lots of fruits, cereal, bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage and ham, etc. we saw minnie, pooh, tigger, chip and dale, captain hook, pluto, and the fairy godmother. ella was so excited that she was going to meet minnie, she wore a nice dress, but changed into casual clothes for the park later on. ella really wanted to find donald duck and daisy duck, but apparently they weren't working today... except for the parade.
after that we went to california adventure, the other disney theme park in LA. all the rides were really colorful and bright. they had a beautiful mosaic near the front and a replica of the golden gate bridge. we went on a ride called "soarin' over california". you sit in a chair that lifts you up towards a big screen which makes you feel like you are flying over beautiful scenes in california. when planes or helicopters passed by on the screen, it was actually very noisy. we also went on a little rollercoaster called mulholland madness that was pretty short that featured sharp turns, steep hills and sudden braking. we went to "turtle talk with crush". it used animation and the turtle could respond to questions from the audience. when he said he had 65 kids, then someone asked what his kids' names were, he responded with "my-shell, me-shell, john, paul, george and ringo, tito, jermaine, michael..., the teenagers are named leonardo, raphael, michelangelo, donatello, crush jr., crush jr., crush jr. ... well, there are 25 crush jrs." he also explained how you get boy and girl turtles. he said, "if the eggs are laid on the cool side, then they become dudes, and if they're laid in the water, they become chicks. that's why dudes are cool, and chicks are totally hot!" he also said "don't make an enemy of an anemone". try saying that three times fast.


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