Friday, August 17, 2007

many scrapes in a day

hi everyone,

today, we had to groom two horses. one was a pony that we were grooming for the mini campers (half day campers) and one was the one we were riding in the show. our mini camp pony was tica and our pony was annie. annie is actually a new pony at meadowbrook stables. during the show, it was basically like a regular lesson. i was thirsty... so i went to get a drink. suddenly, out of nowhere, annie starts trotting towards the other horses. i still had my water, so at that point all the cold water was pouring onto her neck. we were in the middle of a no stirrup exercise. annie starts galloping around and around! my water was still spilling! stephanie screams, "DROP THE WATER BOTTLE!!" so i did. the stirrups weren't on my feet so they were smacking her sides, which felt to her like i was kicking her! which basically means... go. she just got faster and faster. i kept screaming, "WHOA!!" really loud which apparently spooks them and makes them go faster. i fell off when she was galloping at full speed. i had so much sand and dirt in my mouth (which horses ride on. and do their "business" on.) when i was lying on the ground, the instructors were blocking me so that annie wouldn't gallop over me and leave hoofprints. my chin was bleeding, my elbow has a pretty bad scrape, and my chest has a lot of scrapes which aren't too bad. at first it felt like my lip was bleeding really badly but it turns out that my lip is just really puffy. my jaw is really sore. i probably hit my jaw right where the scrape is. it makes it hard for me to smile, chew, or move any of my face muscles. i got last place and i got to choose which horse i wanted to ride for an extra lesson. i chose annie because it wasn't her fault that i accidentally spilled water on her. everyone said that i was brave to choose annie after i fell and said that what i did was impressive. when i was in the office, they gave me a Bryers horse model as a "prize" for falling off. i realize i only like horse back riding for the riding part, not the grooming or the cleaning tack. but of course, the riding part can be really dangerous tho. so, i don't know.
after camp i came home and put peroxide on my cuts. and i packed for redondo beach, california. we are going tomorrow at 10:00 AM. so my next post will probably be from california.

beatriz atsavapranee

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David said...

good story, yet I feel bad the girls did get hurt in the making of this book


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