Friday, August 10, 2007

hey everyone,

my dad has been in michigan for three days now, and will be coming back today. tomorrow, he is going to thailand for a ceremony for my grandmother. he will come back a week later, right after we leave for california. then, when we come back in a week, he will go to italy for a three week business trip. looks like i won't being seeing my dad for a long time...

beatriz atsavapranee

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Louisa said...

Hi El, I mean Bea, :)

I don't think the math packet can be mandatory. Not everyone has a computer or access to one which would make it impossible for those students to get the online or paper packet. I don't think you can use that excuse though, if anyone sees your blog. I'm thinking those other parents must be better at motivational speaking than me. Errr.

Love your blog! And you know I'm totally unbiased. Love, Mom


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