Sunday, August 12, 2007

guitars and ping pong

hi all,

today i had a dance class. it's so fun! but, all the other kids are like, in kindergarten, 1st grade or 2nd. so, you hear jasmine, the teacher saying, "please, stand up!" or "don't talk." so, it gets a little irritating because all the kids are talking and fooling around.
after the class we went to the Guitar Center and the walls were filled with guitars! it was crazy. i was playing this cute blue Fender electric guitar. but, it was full size. the sales man brought a 3/4 size one that was the same but it was this awesome red color. it was such a good price, too. i have an acoustic guitar, but electric guitars, you can change the sounds and stuff. they even have little microphones under each string. the chords are a bit easier to play on the electric because the strings are a little closer together. so, i am getting the red electric guitar and amplifier for an early Christmas present.
we also went to the Palisades pool for a few hours. my sister, ella, always wants me to play in the smaller pool with her. so, i usually do for a little, then we usually go to the bigger pool and sometimes even the well. it's cute how, when we play ping pong there, ella always plays with my mom and she's not half bad. she's actually pretty good, but sometimes she gets all "pumped up" and hits it really high or into a closet near the tables. lol. she just started playing (she's 6) and she's good.

beatriz atsavapranee

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David said...

sounds like a good day, a good story


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