Thursday, August 23, 2007

gelato paradiso

hi everyone,

yesterday... we went to the beach and the waves were gigantic! it was so fun, i boogie-boarded a little bit because my scrapes are getting much better. my cousin allie and i were looking for sand crabs but i was too scared to dig for them. allie found 4, but we let them go free before we left. it was fun because every time we sat down to dig, the waves would splash us.
for lunch, we had chips that were gigantic, the size of tortillas. and burritos.
last time we went to disneyland, i got a glass mug with my name on it. but when i was washing it, and put it on the table... the bottom chipped! so we went to disneyland again and my aunt rosie picked up another one for me which was really nice because disneyland isn't that close to their house.
for dinner we went to grandpa's friends' house in corona del mar near newport beach. when we got there we took a short walk to the beach, which you can see from their house. their house was really nice, they had a balcony, a fountain outside, and their furniture was awesome. the food was really good, too. they had cheesy garlic bread, fettucini carbonara, ravioli, salad, and meatballs. we had delicious gourmet cookies as a first dessert course, then gelato from gelato paradiso. there were 6 flavors. vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, creme vanilla, mixed berry, and mint chocolate chip. it was cute, they were served in these plastic champagne glasses, so when the bottom flavor melted, it would melt down into the stem. i tasted all of them besides for vanilla and creme vanilla in my 3 servings of gelato. there was so much food, it was like a buffet!!
after that we all played hide and seek, lol. tori, 12, and alex, 16, played with us, just for us i guess. i was looking for everyone and we found ella and tori last. they were in the garage, in the car, that was locked, and they were ducking when we came in.

beatriz atsavapranee

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