Monday, August 13, 2007

the flash bite

hi everyone,

today was my first day at meadowbrook horse-back riding camp!

first, there was a grooming contest. i got to groom louie, my favorite horse my partner, alexandra, got the pony, flash. flash just replaced buddy, who got sold. we barely spent any time grooming louie. since he is really tall, we couldn't reach the top of his back. but, we did what we could.

then, we moved on to flash, i was a little nervous because the instructors said that he might try to run away. my partner and i spent a long time trying to convince each other to go in first. we eventually brought him out on cross ties and started grooming, but he didn't seem to like me. in fact, he kept putting his ears back and trying to kick and bite me. when we ran out of time, we put him back into his stall and wished for the best.

we all went to lunch and our instructor, stephanie, told us how our horses/ponies were. she said that louie had to be done all over again, and i wasn't surprised. she said that flash was pretty good but that we had to pick his hoofs and brush his stomach. she said that she didn't judge the top.

we decided to finish flash first, since he is much shorter than louie. we groomed and groomed. hair and dust was flying everywhere. we put him back into his stall and went to start grooming louie. in just a few moments, someone came over and said, "did you touch flash?" stephanie told us that we had to hoof pick. so, alexandra did two hoofs and then it was my turn. i finally finished one, but it took a while because he kept dropping his leg and moving around. i picked up his other foot... and he turned around and bit me on the back! hard. it was bleeding, but the instructors just kept saying, "it's just a bruise." i was so embarrassed and they wanted me to walk around giving out sunscreen for everyone and their horses' noses.

then, it was time to ride the horses out in the ring. i was the first one in the ring. louie kept trying to eat the sand and the water in the water bucket. i knew he wasn't supposed to, so i pulled and pulled until other horses were walked in. we walked around the ring the whole time, and then trotted around one at a time so the instructors could separate us into groups. we had to groom our horses again, and then got popsicles!

when i got home i looked at my horse-back riding shoes. even though they were new and i wore them only once, i polish both my new and old boots.

my mom and ella wanted to go to the pool, but i decided against it because of my back.

beatriz atsavapranee

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David said...

I really can not balieve she wrote this much


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