Monday, August 20, 2007

disneyland turned goth

hey everyone,

sorry that i didn't post yesterday, i had dinner in disneyland at about 7:00PM which is 10:00PM in maryland. i was really tired and decided to write in my blog this morning.
yesterday... we all went to disneyland! my favorite ride is big thunder. it was so fun, but ella was a little scared and kept asking when it would be over. in the autopia ride, my car wouldn't go so someone had to go into the car and press the accelerator pedal for me which was really embarrassing. a lot of the people in disneyland were goth that day. i think they were meeting up sometime at night, i heard some people talking about it in the ice cream parlor. and someone came from new york just to go to this goth convention. it was scary seeing so many goths. some had pink, bleach blonde, red, or green hair. mostly black hair though. a lot of them had fish net tights, pierced noses, a lot of black make-up, or striped tights which was totally unfashionable in my opinion. some people even put their toes into the holes in the fish net tights and wore black (of course) flip flops. a lot of them were also carrying big, lacy, black umbrellas. some of them seemed semi-goth. they wore red lipstick, purple shirts, etc. i even saw some baby goths. we had lunch then went to california adventure. we saw an aladdin broadway show and genie was really funny. we went to dinner at one of the disneyland hotels which was nice. the iced tea woke me up a little.

beatriz atsavapranee


Michael said...

I looked it up; August 17th, 18th, and 19th were "Bats Day". It's some sort of Goth convention at Disneyland.

Here's the link:

Beatriz Atsavapranee said...

Thanks Michael!


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